We Want to Know! What Do You Think About Prime Day 2016?

We're already seeing an increase in Editors' Choice deals from Amazon this week. But we want to hear your stories! Is this year just another #PrimeDayFail?
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Prime Day is here again! Last year, Amazon promised the event would have more deals than Black Friday. There was a lot of disappointment surrounding Prime Day 2015, but this year it's supposed to be better. So we want to know: what do you think of this year's Prime Day deals?

Prime Day 2015 FAIL

There was a ton of backlash directed towards Amazon for Prime Day last year. Many complaints focused on items that were gone in the blink of an eye, but the majority of moans arose from Amazon's selection of items.

Some Amazon devices were obviously included in the savings, but there were also some seemingly random products. Some "deals" included plates of ham and family packs of brass knuckles. The (understandable) disappointment launched a handful of related hashtags on Twitter, including #PrimeDayFail. According to some, those tweets generated more entertainment than the sale itself.

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Our Take So Far for 2016

This year, Amazon is taking Prime Day one step further by hosting a week's worth of deals. So far, there's been a better selection (read: things people might actually want), including watches, jewelry, DVDs, high-end blenders, Amazon devices, and more. Plus, we even saw deals like Audible memberships and Kindle Unlimited subscriptions. Maybe Amazon is listening to customers after all?

Of all the Amazon deals we posted last week, approximately 14% were Editors' Choice picks. As of this writing, about 43% of Amazon deals from Monday and Tuesday have earned the distinction. By comparison, only 32% of Amazon's deals last year during the same two-day period were Editors' Choice.

One of the most noteworthy deals so far has to be shopping via the Alexa app, which could save you $10 off a purchase of $20 or more. The eligible items are pretty great, including a camera drone for $15, a Cuisinart griddler for $30, and an Amazon Tap for $69.

What Do You Think?

Readers, we want to know what you think about Prime Day 2016. Check out the deals we've posted so far, and leave your thoughts here throughout the day. And let us know what kinds of deals you're finding!

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HUGE disappointment !! Insufficient number of items, no explanation of how Prime Day works (1st timer, no explanation of rules: i.e., 1 item allowed/no multiples, purchase immediately /:15min requiring numerous purchases all day...irritating!, layout and selection of items tedious, 9 pics per page ??? ridiculous! NO good deals. wt*?!, AND multiple calls to amazon reps for help in unresolved website issues (inaccurate displays, prices, rules, orders not going through in time, etc) creating missed opportunities due to their inability to speak English/ understand the problem, or American reps copping an attitude and YEP... acting like 5yr olds and hanging up on you. Totally unacceptable!! Why have they, like to many other phone reps, put their 'feelings/perceptions' ahead of DOING their jobs? Why not train them to pass on the call to someone else if they were not able to assist the customer satisfactorily? Improper training or entitled attitudes, Neither professional!!!
I tried last year's Prime Day and couldn't get anything. This year was by far better organized and I was able to place watches on the upcoming items I was interested in. I didn't have much to spend on, but I got myself the DN Editor's Choice wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse for $13.38 shipped. Had I had more money to spend I would have considered getting a few more things and would probably have been successful in doing so.
I took advantage of a few of the deals I thought were very good. First I used my amazon echo to take advantage of the $10 off $20 and the Alexa discount on the Amazon Tap. With tax I own the new Amazon Tap for $74, and I really do like the thing! I also got into the home automation with Philips Hue Starter Kit for $135. Cliff bar 24 pack for $6 and a 16-pack of Philips 60w Equivalent Soft White LED's for $20. So overall, it was a worthwhile event to me.
I saw a toilet seat night light, built in to the seat, after other non-desirable items. Thats when I knew it was a waste of time to continue looking.
Got a couple deals in the days leading up to it though with the pre-sale.
Not anything near Black Friday sales, and most stuff was the undesirable items that hadn't been selling anyway, seems to me.

Near cost or no sale. Return savings from bland sales rep and bricks waiting for your credit card.
Found a few goods deals on Games/Anime, but mostly "meh" on everything else.

Does appear to be slightly better than last year.

The warehouse deal is hit or miss, Amazon is not offering on all open box stuff, especially higher priced items. If they really wanted to "clean out the closet", they should have offered it on everything in the warehouse. At least that may have gotten a buzz for attention.
Ok seriously. Amazon is just gonna piss people off with stuff like this: So a grill set with tongs, scraper. They jacked up the price to 140 bucks!!! So we can "save" 82%.

Price: $139.99 Sale: $36.99
With Deal: $24.99
You Save: $115.00 (82%)
Great deals and with my Amazon Echo you can even save more :-)
I see a giant list of "Up to 20% off on blah", Up to 15% off on blahhh. etc.
There may be a few good deals but the majority is utter crap.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
We've heard some people were having trouble adding things to cart. Any issues for DealNews readers?
Last year they bumped up the no rush digital credit from $1 to $3 per order. Haven't seen that yet but was hoping to accumulate some credits quickly using that method again. Don't know if that will be activated at some point today or not, but here's hoping, I have my list ready to go!.
Got myself the Moto X Pure using the $30 Amazon Visa discount and $50 gift card purchase that credits back $10. Overall paid $223 for a new cell phone. Stupid $13 tax ate away at some of my savings.
An old MTV ad said "Too much is never enough!", but there are way too many sale listings. While rummaging through a huge haystack in search of a needle I might want, I clicked a keyboard & mouse that said only that it was a "Prime Day Deal", with no price listed. I was happily surprised to see it was marked down from $21.50 to $12.50 (link below). Now I am searching the rest of the haystack.

Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
My Kindle was acting up this weekend, and I was worried I'd have to buy a new one. It miraculously came back to life, but now the Kindle is on sale so I'm debating whether to buy it. My luck is that I'd decide I don't need it because mine is working again, but then it'll die tomorrow when the sale is over.
Way better than last year. I got a sweet Chromebook for $150 off, plus the cheaper tablets and great storage deals.
so far - sucks with a capital "S" - i see no real "deals"

I think it's pretty good so far. There are very good discounts on phones and storage. We'll see later in the day.