This week's Rumor Roundup: Google, Apple, Star Trek, more

We already posted that Sony was rumored to drop the price of the PS3 in time for the holidays. Now it's rumored that the new, cheaper PlayStation 3 will also have new, cheaper specs.

Conversely, Microsoft might be giving holiday buyers more for their buck by bundling Xbox 360s with two games.

No matter which platform you opt for, you'll probably be able to play the new Mortal Kombat game on it. And, this time around, it'll be a Mortal Kombat vs DC Comics game.
FINALLY, I get to hit Batman in the neck with a spear and yell, "Get OVER here!"

A new-comer to the gaming industry: Google?!
Apparently, the Goog is investigating launching a Second-Life-like online environment. If its past online products have been any indication, it'll be a simple text-on-White-background game that'll stay in Beta for 10 years and be accessible through invite only ...

Not content to rule over their own virtual world, Google is also considering a takeover of Sirius Radio and laying a Pacific Cable for telecom purposes.
Then they'll change their name to Cyberdyne Systems and re-brand its products as SkyNet...

This week, Google edged out Apple for rumor-dominance, but that doesn't mean that Jobs & Co. hasn't been whispered about:

The much anticipated Apple OS X Leopard is said to be going to Gold Master in a week or so. And... Apple's readying a new PDA-like device. Will it be called the Newton 2? Not if Apple wants it to succeed in the marketplace, it won't!*

And, just cuz I reported other J.J. Abrams / Star Trek news: It's being hinted at that Mike Vogel is the new James T. Kirk.

Jeff Somogyi is a dealnews Senior Staffwriter and is rumored to be cast as a Tribble in the new ST movie.

*Just kidding, I loved my Newton. Even if I only got 30 minutes of use on a charge. But, what a great 30 minutes those were ...

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