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This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPad, Apple, Hulu

Go for the Gold (or, if you're a Russian ice dancer, the Platinum) with these medal-some rumors:
  • Valve's Steam service for Macs?
    At launch, available titles will include ... um ... wait, let me think ... Um ... "Marathon"? And ... um ... OH! "Marathon 2", yeah! And ... um ... "Marathon 3"?
  • iTunes to sell CBS TV shows for 99 cents?
    Even though CEO Les Moonves said, in no uncertain terms, that it was so, no one is believing him. In a million years, I never thought Moonves was this generation's Cassandra. (Don't get that joke? Google it, but add "+greek", otherwise you'll get a lot of Wayne's World links.)
  • iPad pre-sales to start on February 25?
    Wait ... what's today's date?
  • RIM discontinuing the BlackBerry Storm?
    It's a real 'Storm Warning', but hopefully we've reached the 'Eye of the Storm' on this rumor and we can all settle down in the 'Calm After the Storm'. Sadly, no one ever used the term 'Perfect Storm' for this device.
  • Microsoft's Natal coming in October?
    Based on the tweet by British "comedian" Jonathan Ross which said, in part, "... tye [sic] have til october ...". It's also just as likely that Ross was darkly hinting about the world ending in October. (10/10/10 is, after all, the most likely date for the Robot Apocalypse to start — it being binary for "rise up, metal kin". Fact.)
  • Hulu coming to the iPad for a price?
    Ironically, the price refered to is the one Hulu will be paying when they realize no one wants to cough up cash for something they've been getting for free.
  • Evan Lysacek and Nastia Liukin are dating?
    If true, their combined leotard budget must be through the roof.
Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. His Olympic Fever seems to have finally broken, as he rarely shouts, "DOUBLE AXEL, TRIPLE TOE!!!" at inopportune times anymore. You can read more of his mind-thoughts by following his Twitter feed @dzheough.
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