This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, Yahoo!, HD DVD, ogling, more

Some say the most beautiful sound in the world is that of a laughing child. Screw that! For me, it's the sound of internet rumors!
  • Toshiba giving up HD DVD format?
    "Welcome to the Dead Format Bar, sir. Reservation for one? Yes, we have a table all set up for you. You there! BetaMax! MiniDisc! Budge over and give our new friend some room, will yah?!" "Someone tell the bartender that 8-track is cut off until he stops crying."
  • PC Gaming Alliance to be formed?
    They will gather, once a year, in a secret cave, and try to figure out how, with the console market eating into the PC gaming market, they can keep people buying computers. Psst! Here's a hint: Tell people that computers are for more than just gaming! It's crazy, I know!
  • iPhone SDK STILL on the way?
    This one is pretty much in the bag, though. Not much of a rumor ... More a "booster rumor", lest the slavering hordes forget, for one single moment, that Apple shall continue to shine it's golden light of blessing upon its adoring acolytes.
  • Comcast buying Plaxo?
    Last week, it was Google that was rumored to bid. This week it's Comcast. Public-at-large still unsure of benefits of Plaxo.
  • Nvidia to buy AMD?
    If this is true, I wonder if Nvidia's next bright idea will be to tie a boulder around their necks and going swimming.
  • Flash support for iPhone / iPod touch?
    The first line of this story is priceless:
    We've been waiting for Flash support to hit the iPhone ever since ... well ... it launched. We've had to make do without Flash for almost eight months ...
    Dear GOD! How could you have gone on living like that?! Waiting around, despondent, for EIGHT MONTHS?! Surely this is a tragedy! Quick, call Bono, get him to do a benefit concert ...
  • Another iPhone price drop?
    Why NOT another $100 back-stab to its customers?
  • Google ogling C|NET?
    No, I don't really have anything snarky to say about it ... I just wanted to use the phrase "Google ogling".
  • Yahoo! desperate to be sold to anyone ... except Microsoft?
    News Corp, AOL, and Google are all sitting at the side of the runway, watching as Yahoo!, humiliated, shakes it on stage, hoping that one of them will slip a couple million into its g-string or invite it to the Champagne Room. Meanwhile, Microsoft, its pockets bursting with cash, has been bounced for being too "hands-y".
  • 2010: The Year We Make Contact ... with next-gen gaming consoles?
    Apparently we can expect the Wii #2 and Xbox #3 to be unveiled in two years. A lot can happen in two years: Like the Wii finally getting games that take advantage of its "revolutionary" remotes, and Microsoft fixing that "Red Ring of Death" issue ... but probably not ...
Jeff Somogyi is dealnews' Media Editor. He insists that he can't be the only one to think that "Red Ring of Death" would be an AWESOME Black Metal band name. (Or, at the very least, a good title for a new Type O-Negative album.)
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