On the Fence About Amazon Prime Day? You're Not the Only One...

Almost half of last year's Prime Day shoppers are unsure if they'll shop the sale again this year. Check out the biggest findings from our Prime Day survey!
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Amazon Prime Day can be divisive. Some Prime members can't wait for the event, and others feel like it's just a big garage sale. Before Amazon celebrates its fourth annual Prime Day, we surveyed DealNews readers to understand their feelings about the shopping holiday. After almost 1,500 responses, it's clear that most shoppers are feeling unsure about all things Prime these days.

Read on to learn the biggest findings from our Amazon Prime Day survey.

Amazon Prime Day Is Growing

In last year's survey, 48% of our readers said they shopped the 2016 Prime Day sale. That amount jumped to 66% for the 2017 event. We'd typically expect similar results for this year's sale. However, 49% of those who shopped the 2017 event said they're either unsure about checking out Prime Day in 2018, or they definitely won't shop it.

Half of those who shopped the 2017 event said they're either unsure about checking out Prime Day in 2018, or they definitely won't shop it.

As for the 34% who didn't shop Prime Day 2017, 28% gave "didn't think the deals were good" as the reason they didn't shop. Moreover, for both Prime Day 2016 and 2017, 29% of non-shoppers said they simply didn't know about the event.

A whopping 20% of respondents have already decided they definitely aren't clicking over to Prime Day this year. Why? Most said they believe the deals aren't good.

Prime Day Is Big for Electronics Fans

For those planning to shop Prime Day 2018, electronics is once again the most popular category. In 2017, 26% of respondents were planning to shop for electronics, followed by 13% planning to pick up home goods, and 12% who were unsure of what categories they'd shop.

This year, 28% are planning to shop for electronics. And again, 12% of our readers have no idea what they're going to shop for on Prime Day.

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Consumers Are Interested in Competing Sales

With the popularity of Prime Day growing over the last few years, other retailers have started offering competing sales. This year, 45% of our survey respondents said they're planning to shop these other sales. Additionally, 44% said they aren't sure whether they'll shop the sales offered by other retailers. Still, many shoppers seem interested in what other retailers will be offering that day.

As consumers eye competing sales and shop Prime Day with no clear goal in mind, it appears the invented holiday is becoming its own event.

Alexa Shoppers Are Increasing

Only 8% of last year's survey respondents said they redeemed an Alexa-only deal during Prime Day 2016. For Prime Day 2017, that number grew to 20%. While the majority of shoppers still aren't excited to buy Alexa-only deals for Prime Day, the fact that there was a substantial increase suggests these deals could get more prominent.

Only 8% of last year's respondents said they redeemed an Alexa-only deal during Prime Day 2016. For the 2017 event, that number grew to 20%.

We should also note that in recent months, Amazon has done away with its page showcasing Alexa deals. Instead, the mega-retailer has focused on marketing that displays ways to voice-shop with Alexa.

This leaves shoppers with only one option, which is to ask Alexa what her deals are, sit through a litany of descriptions, and then tell her they do or do not want to buy the items. These technical hassles may be a problem if you're competing to add a short-lived lightning deal to your cart on Prime Day.

Prime Members Love Free 2-Day Shipping

Prime includes a variety of benefits for its members, but according to our survey, that free 2-day shipping is the classic perk members love the most. The next three most-loved benefits were Prime Video, Prime Music, and Audible Channels.

A Quarter of Prime Members Won't Renew

With the recent price increase for Amazon Prime subscriptions, it should come as no surprise that members are feeling sticker shock. A quarter of our survey respondents are already planning to skip renewal — and nearly a third are unsure if they will continue their subscription. For some, this year's Prime Day could be a deciding factor on whether the new $119 price tag is worth it.

Readers, are you planning to shop Prime Day or its competing sales? Let us know in the comments below.

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Amazon has propelled Bezos into the #1 spot of richest men in the world.... and now he wants to charge even more for an already expensive service.... the $100 barrier is a breaking point.
I'm getting stuff delivered the next day mostly, two days delivery for unusual or not popular items.
I have a totally different experience regarding shipping. I choose no rush shipping so I can get the extra credits. It is supposed to take 5 to 10 days. But I end up gettting it in 2 days! When I choose 2 day shipping, if I order early in the morning, sometimes I get it the next day!
The "Garage Sale" article was 3 years ago. Very dated, and not representative of what Prime Day has been the past couple years. Go ahead and forego Prime Day. That's less people for me to compete for Lightning Deals.
Cancelled my prime. not worth the increased price. Too often the "2 day" shipping on an item bought Monday would arrive Friday. What about that is two day? The two days you wait before starting to consider the order? I'll just order off eBay, save 10%, and wait a couple extra days.
I've been with amazon since 2005 and have overall been a happy consumer. Lately I have come to expect the "your package is still on the way, but it is running late" email more often than an on time delivery. 2 day deliveries often take 4-6 and knockoff and used items are arriving more often. I used to know that the amazon price was the best price... not anymore. I may continue another year, but still unchecked the auto renew.
Never been a prime paid customer.
Before you get your panties in a bunch, you should check with Amazon. I was offered another year at the old price.
With all of the counterfeit items for sale on Amazon, they are no longer a retailer I trust. It's getting harder and harder to pay for a club membership to Amazon, then decide it's safer to buy local.

The 20% price increase is tough to swallow. I didn' get a 20% raise this year. Seems like inflation should be closer to 2.5%.
Amazon needs to tread lightly. They have had huge credibility with consumers but are going the way of the cable companies with just assuming consumers will keep swallowing their price hikes. They aren't adding the incremental value they had been with added services like delighting with new music and video services people didn't expect. In addition their original shipping attraction has taken on many nuances it didn't once have. The competitors have been punched and are now onto the game with their business model that has been producing profits for its shareholders. Amazon is no longer the appealing disrupter it once was. You can see, read and hear it in this discussion and many others. Once that momentum starts to swing, it's not going to have the smooth sailing it once did. Ask Walmart how this story plays out...
Amazon has been having more issues with delivery fulfillment lately. Today an order was placed for same day delivery by 8pm (Saturday). At 8pm get an email that delivery will be on Wednesday instead of. Umm, that doesn't work for a project for Sunday. Amazon customer service doesn't seem to understand that now I need to cancel that and drive around for the supplies I need except too bad the stores are closed.
prime day ..what about FATHERS DAY deals there nothing
Amazon sent a refurb gps which was supposed to be new. I returned to an partner at a cost of $ 15 on a $ 60 item. Even though I am a prime member. I make an effort now to look elsewhere and have canceled my auto amazon renewal of prime. Made me review my whole amazon experience and made me think I don't need it. 6/18.
not going to renew and I will miss Amazon greatly, but Amazon has been essentially giving away facial recognition tools to law enforcement agencies in Oregon and Orlando. How can I support this?
I have found recently that I have been getting better deals than I can find on Amazon on Ebay.
I'm still looking for one of those great deals. Walmart deals are better.
I disregard all the dealnews prime listings even if the product is interesting. Waste of time.
Prime membership is a bit of an illusion re: the 2 day shipping promise. In fact, when you contact Amazon re: a Prime order that has taken more than the so-called 2 day window to arrive (it often will take 4 days or so)--they will tell you the 2 day window is ONLY from the time the item actually ships! That means if it takes a week or so to actually ship an item but THEN it will arrive in 2 days, it's still a 2-day prime item! Uh, that's not the sense anyone gets from the way Prime membership is promoted by Amazon. Their biggest cop-out is that the vendor is at fault. Fine, then that's an issue between Amazon and the vendor, right?
At any rate, always, complain/dispute that rational...Amazon will add a month to your membership or offer a $10 credit to "apologize" for the delay.
All that said, after 9-10 years as a Prime member, due to the recent price increase I will NOT be renewing---it's just not worth it.
Prime shipping to Alaska has been steadily slowing down. 2 day never happens. Tracking will often stall out for days. Fulfillment has been slowing down, lengthening ordering to delivery time to weeks. Delivery, after shipping, of 5-7 days, sometimes 10 days is not uncommon. There are a surprising number of "Prime" items that won't ship to Alaska, even ones sold supposedly by Amazon.

Prime video has now become the more important feature in justifying the subscription cost.
Ive checked Prime Day, but Ive never really seen any deals. People go absolutely berserk over the amazing 32% savings... the same 32% savings you find every single day on their site below "so called retail".

Even if there is a deal, it will likely be gone by the time you find it due to overwhelming demand for all the leftover junk they peddle on prime day. It is also very tedius to go through much of it.... I give up pretty quickly.
It's really a no brainer. Why would I pay $119 for 2 day delivery when I need nothing that fast? With Walmart offering 2 day free or free store pickup plus price matches--I really have no excuse to have to buy from Amazon.

On another note: I live in a city with a distribution center and employees are picketing because of poor working conditions...that's another reason to avoid this behemoth seller.
Just about everything I order gets here in 2 days. Anything over that is the exception rather than the rule.
I'll skip a purchase this prime-day to cover the increase charge on prime membership renewal.
I get my orders in 2 days even when I choose no-rush shipping for the digital credits. We have a warehouse here in the Tampa Bay area so I'm sure that helps.
My friend has Prime and has had products shipped to me. So far not one order has arrived to my zip code in 2 days. On average it's been a 3-4 wait. Even when I did the 30 day free trial the 2 day magic wan't there for me. What's so ironic, Amazon has a major distribution center less than 85 miles from my home. Oh well.....