Is Apple Creating a Game Console with Valve?

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Apple CEO Tim Cook was reportedly seen recently at the offices of game software heavyweight Valve, according to Cult of Mac. The site posits that this unusual personal appearance must indicate something significant, suggesting a potential Apple foray into serious gaming. But in what capacity, exactly?

The most "out there" explanation that's been circulating is that, in addition to its rumored "smart" HDTV, Apple might be secretly developing a game console in conjunction with Valve. This might be somewhat encouraged by the already existing assumptions that Valve itself is developing gaming hardware. Cult of Mac believes the console will feature motion-sensor technology and make use of Apple's voice command assistant, Siri.

As dealnews readers are well aware, Valve is the company behind the online gaming store Steam, which (interestingly enough) is often in direct competition with the Mac App Store. (Valve offers far more titles, of course.) Some suggest that the meeting of minds might actually result in a game for iOS or game streaming on the potential iTV. In either scenario, it will be interesting to see if the result is a combined delivery system for game downloads, which Valve arguably does much better.

Game-savvy readers, are you excited about the prospect of an Apple / Valve mashup? Do you think Apple's involvement in a game console will result in a watered down system for "light" gamers, or bring gaming into a new realm of possibilities? Sound off in the comments.

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I completely disagree with Apple appealing to casual gamers, casual gaming on a mac doesn't exist. There is very few choice and due to this casual gamers would steer well clear of using a mac. That is unless your classing people who play games on their mobile devices as casual gamers, personally I wouldn't class them as any kind of gamers or if anything just dabblers.
A Steam console would be amazing.  A hardware maker like Apple would give it credit that Steam doesn't have among the console gamers. 

I have to say that it is more likely that he went to discuss making the Steam client and games more compatible (especially with the release of Mountain Lion coming up), but my hope is that they would make a System together.

Please let it be so.
It seems doubtful. Apple has Apple TV, I think they would leverage it over new hardware. Angry Birds is one of the most popular games on mobile, which would would play nicely in current Apple TV hardware. I think Apple appeals to casual gamers, which heavily outnumbers Valve customers.
maybe he went to go talk about making more steam games compatible with the mac
This doesn't seem very likely. Apple is a luxury brand and has very high profit margins, and targets users who spend thousands on a PC. Steam is on the other end of the spectrum, as many budget users play valve games and use steam for their fantastic sales. They go after completely different markets, and for some reason I don't imagine apple would make this thing cheap.