The Best National Pet Month Deals


Did you miss out on the chance to shower your furry family members with gifts on National Pet Day? Good news! There's an entire National Pet Month for gifting your dogs, cats, and other pets with treats, toys, and more.

When Is National Pet Month?

National Pet Month in the U.S. falls during the month of May each year. It's a prime opportunity to shop for a variety of pet supplies, including a pet vacuum to keep your home cleaner as well as tools for pet grooming. You can also get treats to take care of your pet's dental health, cozy pet beds, toys, and food deals. Be sure to check out offers from pet stores like Petco, PetSmart, and Chewy, among others.

Pet alternatives may see discounts, as well, so consider gifting items like Chia Pets to your favorite plant lovers. Bonus points if the Chia Pets are shaped like animals, too!

Ready to treat your furry pals to the best? Check out the top pet deals below!