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~!dealnews Video Contest Winners~!

For our first ever video contest we asked you, the reader, to send in a 30-second clip explaining why you love dealnews. You did not disappoint. And, whereas all of the submissions were good, we were tasked with the tough choice of choosing only the best three of the bunch.

To come up with the winner, we decided to run a clever little algorithm developed by the US Naval Intelligence Super Secret Squadron called SQUAVAS (Secret QUAlity Video Analyzer Software) and ask it choose for us. However, once we realized that no such program existed, we agreed that three of us should just sit down for a pre-lunch marathon session and watch them all at once to decide with our hearts.

So, congratulations to Jordan and Justin Mederich, Scott Hardesty, and Rob and Annette McGraw for winning over our normally cold and cynical hearts with your creativity! For your efforts, you'll be receiving a Kodak Zx1 Pocket Video Camera so you can continue to squander more of your time making videos for Internet contests!

To everyone else who entered, you get a big "thank you!" We enjoyed watching each and every video.

If you wanna check out the winning videos, here they are (in no specific order except by descending awesomeness):

dealnews Theme Song by Jordan and Justin Mederich

Judge 1: I originally had mixed feelings about this video, but it finally won me over. Perfect amount of cowbell. Loved the Slim PS3. Loved the hats and shirt on the guy's head. Video gets funnier every time I watch it.
Judge 2: The "FUNK" hat. The cowbell. The hand waving around the products. The Slim PS3 that was an Xbox 360 with the words "Slim PS3" scrawled across it. Add lots of pep and toe-tapping accompaniment, and how could this not be a winner?
Judge 3: "Really excellent ... now, you promise you'll buy me lunch for helping you guys judge these?"

TV News by Scott Hardesty

Judge 1: "It made my inner theater geek very happy. I love that the reporter basically accosted the man on the street. Great energy. Great sign off (complete with point and wink)."
Judge 2: "The video has two standout moments. 'IT'S FANTASTIC. ... WOO!' And then the point/wink at the end. They're iconic moments, cinematic masterpiece moments. If a young Orson Welles wore a goatee, he'd have made a video like this."
Judge 3: "Definite winner! It has all the class of a well-cooked steak, with none of the fat. I sure am hungry."

dealnews Rap by Rob and Annette McGraw

Judge 1: "How did they keep straight faces? The 'Bought my girl a new coat' line was my favorite. Bonus points for mentioning Editors' Choice."
Judge 2: "For me, these two talented, rapping kids serve as an allegory on today's youth. That is, they're great at rhyming, and they frighten me. Plus, great editing."
Judge 3: "Their rapping ... rapping ... WRAP! yes, I'll get a sandwich wrap for lunch! Let's go eat!"

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