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We Love Twitter Fans: A Tale of Awesome

Ah, Twitter. The original home for internet wags who need a place for their bon mots and for "foodies" who can't help but publish pictures of their expensive dinners! These days though, it's so much more than that, right? Sure, you can still get food pics if you want, but Twitter is also now a resource that companies can use to keep in touch with their fans in new and unique ways (by seeing what they eat! #foodie).

But seriously, take for instance what happened on the @dealnews Twitter feed recently. After a particular camera lens deal that we had posted on the front page of our site had died, we got this Twitter communique (Twitter-ique?):

Now, Mom always told us to never turn down a chance to be in someone's will, so we concocted a plan. Not to toot our own horn, but it was a way better plan than what this fan had in mind. Here's the Twitter conversation (Twitt-versation?) that followed:

Yep, you read that right! We bought him the lens, all because he was a loyal dealnews reader and an engaging follower on Twitter. The dude even used dealnews to buy the digital SLR camera that he wanted the lens for. Respect!

What do we get out of doing something like this, you may ask. Well, like a parent on Christmas, we revel in seeing our childrens' faces — or, our followers' faces, since not all of our followers are our children ... we hope — light up with delight at the gifts we give them. (Also, we get some good PR out of it and a chance to be a little self-promote-y, naturally.)

Are we going to do this for everyone who follows us on Twitter? Certainly not! What, do you think we're made of fish-eye lenses?! No. But, we want everyone to know that we do hear you and, sometimes, we like surprising our best, most loyal fans. Who ever imagined Twitter could be such a powerhouse of customer service and feedback? (Maybe the inventor, Farnsworth T Witterton III, knew back in 1807. [Citation Required]) So come on over to Twitter, give us a follow, and start talking; you never know what might happen.

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That is awesome! I love DealNews! Have been a follower for a while and always share your deals with my followers and on my website! You guys are pretty much the one place I can always send people when they mention they are looking for anything from a camera to new shoes. Also, it looks like the conversation doesn't display in IE10 on Windows 8.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@Jane0218 How were you viewing it before?
I found it in Chrome.... :)
I can't see the conversation. Where is it?
Awww, I'd like to thanks you too dealnews, save and waste (haha jk) a lot of money from you :) Best wishes to the team!