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  • 18 fine point and 12 ultra fine point permanent markers
  • Model: 2087376
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  • Expired 12/16/2019
    Published 12/8/2019
    Verified 12/13/2019
  • Popularity: 4/5
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Award for the least efficient packaging possible. Arrived at Walmart pickup with the product inside a huge shipping box. Told the guy, that can't be my Sharpies?! He laughed and said you'd be surprised at what we see.

Sure enough, while the shipping box was huge, this product's packaging is a collosal waste of material and space.
33 cents per pen not bad. Although, if you don't care about all the colors or don't like the way the ultra fine Sharpies fuzz out too quickly, perhaps not so wonderful.

Held my nose and ordered (seemed to still be available at all the local Walmarts)...

1) Good thing not in a rush - even tho it is in stock, order confirmation says to expect 3 day wait for the slowww store folks to walk 50 feet at back.
2) It often seems dealing with the perennially sloww Walmart checkout lines is still quicker than enduring the wait at the Customer "Service"/Internet Orders desk.
Still available at several local Walmarts for free pickup
This item is out of stock.