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Foever via Amazon offers the Pacoso 100-Mile Best Amplified HDTV Antenna in Medium for $19.99. Apply code "60FIVXMZ" to cut that to $8. With free shipping, that's a $2 under our mention from three weeks ago, $12 off, and the lowest price we could find. Buy Now
  • 100-mile range
  • detachable amplifier
  • 13.3-foot coax cable
  • power adapter
  • Model: FOG08
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  • Code "60FIVXMZ"
  • Expired 5/22/2019
    Published 5/22/2019
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$2 Clickable Coupon is no longer appearing on Amazon
The best antenna I have found is the basic Monoprice 35 mile antenna. They have an honest range and this one is not amplified. One reason it works great for me is it actually comes with a stand. Useful for getting that "hard to find" station because you can easily just move it around to pick up far stations, it is not permanently attached to anything. Looks like they raised the price but it goes on sale all the time.
Previous comments... savage... just SAVAGE...
But 100% (or miles, in this case) correct.
Clearly DN has been purchased by Amazon. Only explanation for this thing being relisted so soon after nobody bought it yesterday.
Critical Consumer
Make that "line of sight" ;-)

And one comment from their own product description:

"13.2FT COAXIAL CABLE -- Makes indoor TV antenna easier for you to place it in your house to get the best reception, 10FT coaxial cable has less signal attenuation, to ensure clear and stable picture quality."

So if you buy their nonsense, you should avoid their product, since 10' cables impose "less" attenuation but this product ships with a presumably "lossy" 13.2' coax ;-)
Critical Consumer
Fundamentally ignorant to describe your product as "100 mile" - Does that assume line of site, with zero obstructions? Is the transmit tower 50' high or 500'? Is this antenna mounted on your roof or atop the set? Most important, is the transmit antenna putting out 500 watts or 10,000? Bottom line "100 mile" is pure marketing BS - don't buy it (figuratively speaking).