Are Walmart Plus Memberships Worth It?

If you're a frequent Walmart shopper, you can definitely see some savings.
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In 2024, Walmart Plus continues to stand out among a host of offers, memberships, and discounts retailers use to tempt customers into their stores. Though the retailer already stands out for its low prices and massive inventory, Walmart Plus is available to improve the lives of dedicated Walmart customers. If you haven't already heard much about Walmart+, you may be wondering how much does Walmart Plus cost and do the benefits of Walmart Plus add enough to your life to be worth it.

Whether or not shopping at Walmart is worth it will depend on a number of factors such as availability of stores and your own personal preferences. You will also need to consider your lifestyle; after all, a Walmart Plus gas discount isn't going to matter if you don't drive a car often enough to care, and that Walmart membership fee might exceed whatever savings you may have expected. Like most services, Walmart Plus benefits will depend on how much you rely on it.

Many compare Walmart+ to Amazon Prime as both are membership programs from two titans of the retail industry that offer free shipping, but these two services offer very different things. Just as Amazon Prime offers the most benefit to customers who frequently use Amazon, Walmart+ also will have the most benefit to shoppers who make most of their purchases at Walmart. For those who do not live near a Walmart or rarely shop there, it's unlikely the benefits of Walmart Plus will outweigh the cost, but for those who do, a membership can go a long way to enhance the experience.

If you, the consumer, are searching for convenience, savings, and a range of benefits to accompany your usual shopping habits, you'll find that reflected in a Walmart+ membership, embodying Walmart's mission to help its customers save money through its low prices and make life more convenient. Let's take a look further to see just what is Walmart Plus, how much is Walmart Plus, and is Walmart Plus worth it.

What is Walmart+?

Walmart+ is a membership program offered by Walmart to give its customers access to benefits that relate to saving time and money or at least spending both better. At its core, a Walmart+ membership includes free delivery from your local store, reduced prices on fuel at select gas stations, and mobile scan and go to allow you a speedier trip for those in-store transactions. Even if you aren't sold on what impact these Walmart perks may have in your life, you can actually try it risk-free via the free one-month trial Walmart offers to those still asking themselves is Walmart Plus worth it. Just set a reminder to cancel Walmart Plus and re-evaluate how useful those Walmart perks actually were when your trial is up.

How much is a Walmart Plus membership?

So just how much is a Walmart Plus membership? The Walmart Plus price varies on whether you want to pay monthly or annually. If you can afford the annual Walmart+ membership fee, you should aim for that option as it offers the better price of the two plans. A monthly plan will run $12.95 each month while an annual plan will run $98 for the entire year.

We occasionally see discounts on membership as well; for instance, back in January, we saw an annual membership for its usual price but with a $50 Walmart Cash credit, and in November, we saw annual memberships for just $49. During the holidays, Walmart+ members also had early access to all of the major sales, amplifying the potential savings when it came to securing hot items. If this is a service that seems at least a bit enticing to you, it's worth keeping an eye out for future Walmart Plus deals.

Through Walmart+ Assist, eligible customers can join Walmart+ at a discounted rate. Eligible programs include SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, SSI, TANF, TTANF, NSLP and LIHEAP, and the rate for this service is $6.47 a month or $49 per year. Walmart+ Student offers those enrolled in an eligible higher education institution the opportunity to get in on a Walmart+ membership discount, also at $6.47 a month or $49 per year.

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What is included in a Walmart+ plan?
  • Free Shipping: You'll enjoy Walmart's free grocery delivery from your store with the same low in-store prices. (The Walmart+ minimum order for this service is $35.) The Walmart minimum order for free shipping on other goods is normally $35, but with a Walmart+ membership, you'll enjoy free shipping with no minimum, even on small orders. (This excludes most Marketplace items and freight surcharges.)
  • Mobile Scan and Go: You'll be able to scan items with your phone and check out faster with this service. Just scan, pay, and be on your way. You'll need the Walmart Plus app for this service, but it applies at all locations, and there are no limits to how many items you can purchase this way. After downloading the Walmart Plus app, simply link up a payment method to the account, scan your items, and head to self-checkout where you can scan your QR code, which provides a receipt for any sales associates who may need to check it, such as with age-restricted items like alcohol.
  • Fuel Benefit: The Walmart Plus gas discount of 10 cents off per gallon from Exxon and Mobil or Walmart and Murphy stations can help stretch your fuel budget. You'll even get member prices at Sam's Club fuel centers, a beloved perk usually restricted to its members. You'll just need the Walmart Plus app to get these prices at the pump, and you can fuel up as much as you'd like with whatever fuel you need.
  • Auto Care: Your Walmart membership fee will also go towards auto services like free flat tire repair and a road hazard warranty nationwide. Auto care services may be limited to tires purchased and installed at Walmart Auto Care Centers.
  • Paramount+ Video Streaming: Paramount Plus, Walmart Plus - just a happy coincidence? For anyone with a Walmart+ membership, it's just another one of the Walmart+ perks. You'll get Paramount+ Essential for free, and if you prefer a more robust Paramount+ plan, you can start your free plan with Walmart and pay an additional cost to upgrade it. Even the basic plan offers over 45,000 episodes, movies, originals, and live sports to check out, so if you are searching for things to do in your free time, this benefit can go a long way.
  • Walmart+ Travel: This benefit is powered by Expedia and nets up to 5% Walmart Cash to earn money just for going somewhere. You can book everything from air travel to vacation packages and earn a little extra to refill your budget when you get back.
  • Convenient Returns: No one likes to go through the hassle of the return process, and thanks to this Walmart membership benefit, you can make it a whole lot easier when it comes to some of your purchases. There is no printing, no repackaging, and Walmart comes to your home to retrieve your item(s). For each scheduled return pickup time slot, no more than four items from the same purchase can be returned via this method. Exclusions include:

    • Items weighing more than 15 lbs. or exceeding 36"
    • Items with a cost equal to or exceeding $500
    • Marketplace items
    • Items purchased or picked up in-store or curbside
    • Alcohol, medication, or tobacco products
    • Health and beauty items
    • Pet products
    • Household chemicals and paper goods
    • Lawn and garden products
    • Toys and candy
    • Grocery items

Walmart+ Returns from Home is a trial benefit at present and a good example of how Walmart+ may change over time. In the past, Walmart+ included an RX savings offer that was quietly phased out later, with members getting a couple of months of Walmart+ on the house for the inconvenience. The Walmart+ terms of use specify that these benefits may be discontinued or modified at any time without notice, so it's important to read all of the caveats on each Walmart+ feature and only consider purchasing a Walmart+ membership if there are multiple features that appeal to you.

Do I need to download the Walmart app to use Walmart+?

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If you want to make the most of your Walmart Plus membership, yes. Some benefits of Walmart+ membership are only available through the Walmart Plus app. When every other store and medical office has its own app to download, what's one more on your phone?

Where can I manage my Walmart+ plan?

Just log in to your Walmart+ account to manage your Walmart+ account. If you require further assistance, contact customer care.

What forms of payment can I use to purchase Walmart+?

You can use either a credit/debit card or PayPal to purchase a Walmart+ membership.

Does Walmart+ accept EBT?

No, Walmart+ does not currently accept EBT. However, there are some states where EBT can be used for groceries through delivery.

How do I cancel my Walmart+ plan?

If you want to cancel Walmart Plus, simply login to the Walmart+ account page or contact customer care. Who knows? It might be like the cable company where they offer you extra months to stick around!

What items are eligible for W+ free shipping?

Most items labeled "shipped from Walmart" are eligible for free shipping. Exclusions include oversized and freight items as well as any Marketplace items as those are not shipped via Walmart.

What items are not available for W+ free shipping?

Items from third-party sellers and oversized and freight items are not included.

Why does my order still show a shipping charge at checkout?

First, make sure that your items are labeled "shipped by Walmart" on the product page or order review page. Remember: This service does not apply to third-party sellers, and that information is easily missed when you're browsing through a lot of items. If that is not the issue, check to see if your items are coming from your local store via delivery. The Walmart minimum order for this method is $35, so you'll see a surcharge if your order doesn't meet this threshold.

Are express delivery fees waived for Walmart+ members?

Walmart does not waive express delivery fees for any customers. If you require this service, you will need to pay an additional $10. Such is the cost of expediency, at least as far as Walmart is concerned.

What types of shipping qualify for W+ free shipping?

Next-day, two-day, and standard shipping are included for Walmart+ members.

Is there a minimum order amount for free delivery?

For free delivery of grocery items, you will need to spend at least $35. For free shipping of other items, there is no minimum for Walmart Plus members. You are free to make as many small purchases as you like and avoid pickup hassles.

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