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Tech: Cool Gadgets for Your Pet

For the second edition of our Girl Tech feature, we've decided to shift the tech focus away from us, and onto our little furry friends. We came across some gadgets that could quite possibly make life with your favorite feline or pooch a whole lot easier. From a talking food bowl to a camera to monitor what they're up to when you're away, we've got your pet tech bases covered.

We feel that sinking guilt about leaving our pets behind when we take an extended vacation or trip. And then, some of us do that really cheesy thing of talking to them over the phone when we're away – we can't help it – they're our babies! Feel more at ease saying arriverderci baby, when you know they'll still be able to hear your voice long after your gone. The Chatter Bowl, $24.99 at Amazon.com allows you to record your voice, then plays the recording back when your pet comes near the bowl. You can leave him or her a message of up to 10 seconds, plenty of time for you to talk "baby talk" in a high-pitched voice. We're sure the little guy won't be lonely with the sound of your voice so close to their favorite activity!

Keep the kitty busy when he/she wants to play, and you just want to zone out on the couch after a long day of work with the Undercover Mouse, $29.99 at Petco. All you need is a set of AA batteries to get the toy going, which will provide plenty of entertainment (until the batteries die). Underneath the nylon yellow skirt an electronic mouse moves about; at various speeds and reversing directions, just out of reach of your cat's paws. Perfect for the curious cat, and the busy pet owner – the mouse wand that sticks out of the nylon skirt is placed to captivate the cat's interest and keep him/her engaged in the activity.

If cleaning the litter box is something that drives you absolutely bonkers, it may be worth your while to make a heavy investment in something that will take care of this for you. The Litter Robot II, $329 at Litter-Robot.com looks straight out of Star Wars, but from a litter box perspective, is probably way handier than R2D2 could ever be. This self-cleaning litter box has a waste drawer that can hold several days worth of "business", uses regular kitchen garbage, has a patented sifting system to get rid of the stuff, and works with a variety of litter materials. You can also get a slightly cheaper, reconditioned version for $269. Now that's takin' care of business!

Are you curious what your pet does while you are gone all day? Anxious to discover which one of them is the garbage-digging culprit? Get a view into what they may be up to with the Panasonic White IP Home Network Camera, $96.99 at Target. While away, you are able to connect directly to a network and see what's going on from a computer or cell phone. The camera lens can be moved via remote control, and you can check various rooms in the house. Chances are, your pets will be sound asleep the majority of the day, but just in case you want to monitor their behavior, and make sure they haven't eaten the decorative pillows and torn the house apart, this camera could be a useful investment.

For the times when you want to give your pet a real treat, give them the spa treatment via a Vibrating Pet Massager, $8.99 at PetGadgets.com. The adorable bone-shaped massager gives you continuous or pulse massage options, and is equipped with a quiet motor so your pet doesn't initially think it is some sort of torture device. If your pet loves to be brushed, there's a good chance they'll enjoy a little massage every now and then (device requires one AA battery to operate).

So whether you're by their side or on vacation, give your pet a soothing, comfortable living experience with a little fun and relaxation thrown in along the way!

--Julia DiNardo

Note: there may be a way to make the items mentioned above an even better bang for your buck -- remember to search stylenotes for special promotions and coupon codes that may be applied to your order.

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