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Netflix Is Raising Prices (Again)

This is the biggest price hike in Netflix history.
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These days, it seems like Netflix is raising prices as often as it's rescuing dead TV shows. Sadly, Netflix is once again asking customers to pay more to stay up all night streaming — prices will rise by up to 18%, depending on your plan.

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How Much Is Netflix Now?

Every Netflix customer is affected by these price hikes. The Standard plan, the most popular tier, is jumping from $10.99 to $12.99. The Premium tier is increasing from $13.99 to $15.99. Even the Basic plan is receiving a price hike — it'll be $8.99 per month now.

Biggest Netflix Price Hike Ever

These price changes are the largest in Netflix history. The Standard plan is going up by 18%, while the Premium and Basic plans are increasing by 14.3% and 12.5%, respectively.

Existing Netflix customers will see their bills go up in the coming months.

The new prices will reportedly apply to new customers immediately, while existing customers will see their bills go up in the coming months. Netflix says existing customers will be notified within 30 days, through both email and the app, before it actually takes effect for their account.

Netflix Is More Expensive Than Hulu

The last time Netflix raised prices was in late 2017. Now, Netflix will eclipse the prices of similar platforms, including Hulu's ad-free tier and even Showtime's streaming service. On the bright side, it'll still be cheaper than HBO Now!

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The streaming service field continuing to grow — Disney is just one company expected to release its own streaming service this year. The last thing customers want to see are more price hikes. Between platforms with exclusive rights and original content, it's becoming harder to choose just one to fulfill all your entertainment needs.

Readers, how do you feel about another Netflix price hike? Will you continue to subscribe or will you look for another service? Let us know in the comments below!

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I only have netflix because i get it free with my cell phone plan. If i had to pay for it, i would get rid of it. I barely use it.
I come and go on Netflix. I hate the price increases, but only really pay about $13 a year. I watch all I can and then cancel for 11 months. Works best this way since there is only about a month of good programming on Netflix any given year anyway. Lots of crap on there folks.
Netflix is also testing new software to detect users in different locations on the same plan.....
It's also funny reading gripes about this when the average cable bill after first year promo pricing is around $100 and cable easily has more crappy shows and movies than streaming platforms.
"Wish they would rather charge per connected device. If each tier was only allowed 2 or 3 connected devices."

They charge per stream. Base level service is only one stream, next level (that has HD streaming) is two streams, and the level above that that has 4K streaming is four simultaneous streams. Charging per device is a bad idea, because many people have multiple devices but only use one at a time. Like I might be watching in my living room, or my bedroom, or on a smartphone while out. That's three devices but I'm just one viewer. In your plan I would have to hassle with authorizing/de-authorizing devices constantly.

Only allowing streams from a limited number of IP addresses would help with the "sharing accounts" issue, but it would cause problems for people who have a second home in another area, or watch while on lunch at work or while traveling on business.
Netflix has shifted its model to capture the cord cutters, which translates into more of their content coming from series than movies. According to the third party Netflix search site Flixable the total catalog of content dropped from 7285 in 2010 to 5579 in 2018. The more shocking stat is the Movie catalog went from 6755 in 2010 to 4010 in 2018. Meanwhile the price of the Standard subscription has gone from $7.99 to $12.99. To me this translates into a nearly 40% increase in price for a 40% reduction in movie content, which is what I originally subscribed for... If it wasn't for the fact that I'm getting it courtesy of T-Mobile it would be gone!
Dropped Netflix when went over 8. Have Amazon prime and Hulu when offered for buck a month. Just put up an antenna and receive 59 channels. I get couple free redbox offers a month from T mobile and Vizio TV has a free streaming channel. I don't need another inflated service
Already dropped. I only ever watched the Office anyways. Netflix originals are awful. Their movies are cranked out garbage. Amazon is pretty good at making movies. Not great. Once Disney comes out with their channel, Netflix is toast. Disney+ is gonna destroy Netflix.
To each his/her own. Lots of complaints about the content on Netflix. I understand, but it's easy enough to cancel if you don't like what the company offers. Is there a lot of "junk"? Of course. But name a streaming service that doesn't have a lot of what you consider junk. Everyone has their own tastes, their likes and dislikes, etc. and it's going to be impossible to please everyone with everything. The great thing about these streaming services is that you can drop in and out as you please. If there's a show you want to watch, subscribe for a month then leave. After all, the monthly subscription is still less than the cost of going to a single movie for a single person. Think about that for a second.

Personally, I find a reasonable amount of stuff on Netflix. I especially appreciate being able to stream series and watch movies from around the world (Australia, Britain, Japan, Korea, etc.)
I'll stick with HBO Go, which I get for $5/month because I'm a DirecTV Now subscriber, and the limited-commercial version of Hulu.
Another "was only keeping it for the kids" as well Netflix subscriber.

Will probably drop it when my existing credit balance runs out this year.
I find it hard to justify keeping Netflix even at current price. Pretty much 95% of all the Netflix's own content is horrible. I don't understand how they choose to create such junk, and people choose to watch it, boggles the mind. I have been thinking of dropping service and now I don't have to give it any more thought, it is gone when price goes up. It is amazing how much trash can actually be made and consumed. I liked Netflix much better when they did not create there own content, sure they have had 2 or 3 good shows, but they create what, 1000's or ten's of thousands. It is harder and harder to find anything worth watching on the platform. Weird, create gadzooks more content and have less and less to watch. Such a shame.
I personally have not watched anything on Netflix in over a year. I have two children 10 and under so they got me right where they want me. I can't go anywhere. I tried Prime Vids, the kids didn't like the confusing interface, hard to know what's included and what you had to pay for.
@ jb_mn

I have both. Prime has some gems. But it is very diamond in the rough. There is a ton of throw away trash on the platform. Kind of like then you would go to blockbuster and what you wanted was not available so you got some random thing that looked ok instead.
Wish they would rather charge per connected device. If each tier was only allowed 2 or 3 connected devices. And then then anything over that would cost like $2 or $3 more per device. That should let them at least compensate a little bit for the people who share accounts with their parents, grandparents, brothers sisters, friends, cousins, neighbors... then maybe they would not need to do these blanket price increases.
I'm curious is Netflix better or worse than Amazon Prime Videos?
Netflix will be just fine. Part of the reason they started developing their own shows and movies was to be prepared for the day when other providers launched their own streaming services and in turn would pull their content from Netflix, basically what Disney is doing.

There's no reason to complain. The streaming market is now rich with options and providers to choose from and the market will determine who wins out based on best quality and quantity for your money. At some point over several years some of these companies will fold (think back to when there was Blu-Ray and HD DVD), consolidation will occur, and classic capitalism wins out.

All I want going forward is NFL Sunday Ticket to be made more easily and widely available without all the hoops to jump through with DirecTV.
@ CinciShopper,

Netflix shows are alright; it's their crappy movies I was referring to. Once in a while they'll produce a good movie like Outlaw King and Roma. Most of their movies, however, have been trashed by critics and audiences alike. The Ridiculous 6, The Week Of, The Dover, How it Ends, and the list goes on. It seems Adam Sandler is now exclusive to Netflix. Do a little research on Netflix Original movies and you'll notice they were all made because someone knew a Netflix executive. If they stop all these insider deals, then maybe they can concentrate on making better movies.

I personally like their content. I think that the only reason that there isn't more 4k content is that there just aren't a lot of other content that is mastered in 4k.

I think that they will be around in 10 years because Netflix seems to be trying to stay ahead of the curve in reinventing themselves but they will not be what they are today because of what jalx said below.

Everyone wants a piece of the pie which will dilute what Netflix will be able to serve up so they have no choice but produce their own content. Their biggest challenge will be to produce enough of their own series to make themselves relevant in a decade which I think they will do. I think that Hulu will fail before Netflix.

I would never pay say $10 a month for something like CBS direct because THEY have nothing other than Star Trek Discovery that I can't watch from my DVR. The only proprietary provider I might pay for would be the new upcoming service from Disney.
Three years ago I would have gladly paid $20 for Netflix before they started focusing on creating their own crappy movies and purchasing content from other markets. Their 4K tier is even worse because almost all their 4K content is the same crap they produce. Worse even is the fear that all the extra money won't be used for better content but to pay off their massive debt. I don't see Netflix surviving another 10 years.
Look at all the "me too" streaming services that have come up in the last few years. I suspect that the content providers want to collect directly from customers instead of through Netflix, so they start their own streaming service and withdraw their content from Netflix. As I customer I wish that those content providers would focus on creating content, and let Netflix focus on the streaming subscriptions. This would make a Netflix subscription worth even more, and it would cost consumers less. Would it cost me more to pay Netflix $20 a month, or to pay 3 or 4 streaming providers $12 a month each?
No one likes higher prices for anything but Netflix is by far the best bargain out there for the content that you get.

The people that I know that are complaining about the Netflix price hike are the the same people who are paying ridiculous prices for cable and don't blink about paying $15/month EACH for HBO, Showtime, and Starz which IMO are WAY OVERPRICED for what you get in comparison to Netflix.
Netflix is starting to look less impressive everyday. The price increase is way too much for what they offer. I believe they over spent on useless content and need to make up for it. Who ever is directing their purchasing of new shows need to get real and start showing content that the American people want. My time with Netflix is limited.
I already dropped Netflix when they canceled the Marvel shows. I'll pick it up again every 4 months or so for a month and binge watch for 30 days. It's a good way to save some money since I don't watch it every single day, not even once a week.