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Enter to Win a Barnes & Noble NOOK HD Tablet

'Tis the season when you try to convince yourself that it's better to give than it is to receive. But, look, we all know that's bunk! So enter for your chance to receive a NOOK HD 7" 8GB Android Tablet, courtesy of our good friends at Barnes & Noble. One lucky winner will win the tablet, as well as the warming glow that comes with receiving a really good gift. (It'll sure beat that sweater you perennially get from aunt Agnes, which can't even be exchanged for cash since she knitted it herself. Ugh!) Enter the dealnews NOOK HD Tablet Sweepstakes before December 16 at 11:59 pm ET for your chance to win.
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How 'bout updating your previous contest results? They're a little behind. (Insert self-generated innuendo here.)
Scroogus Maximus
Dealnews forgets that I get a free sweater upgrade every year from Auntie Agnes, and I don't have to worry about crashes, incompatible programs, or a new OS which abandons the old OS and leaves me holding a next-to-worthless paperweight which won't keep me warm. As to virus protection, she offers free chicken soup with every sweater. Bonus feature: Since I know the recipe, if she runs off to Guatemala to avoid a murder charge, MY virus protection will still function.
A great gift for my wife who loves to read.
If I win I'll give it as a gift to a girl that volunteers at hospice for 2 years
Why can't Florida residents enter these contests?
Wesley Hall (DealNews)
True story: My grandmother's name is Agnes and she is obsessed w/ her Nook HD.