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Enter Our 16th Anniversary Sweeps

We were going to call our 16th Anniversary Sweepstakes a SWEETstakes (as in Sweet 16 + sweepstakes), but that sounded too much like a candy ironically marketed to vampires. Then we thought of calling it a "Sweep 16," but ruled that out as sounding too "broom-y."

Even though we went with the boring name, we do have quite an exciting haul of gifts to hand out to one lucky winner. Thanks to our sponsors, you could win a Sharp Aquos 46" 1080p HDTV from MyGofer, Verismo 580 Brewer from Starbucks, Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones and a $100 Gift Card from Karmaloop, $500 Kohl's Gift Card, $250 Target Gift Card, Nikon 1 J1 Digital Camera Kit from Adorama, $75 dELiA's Gift Card, and a $75 Alloy Gift Card. And we'll personally throw in a Roku 2 XS, because we love you.

All together, that's over $3,000 in prizes! Want 'em? Then enter daily until April 28 at 11:59 pm ET to increase your chances of winning. Enter the dealnews 16th Anniversary Sweepstakes now!

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Just put in my last entry!! Hoping to be that lucky winner!
I've entered many, hope this one is our winner!!
If you live in Fla, you can not enter. This sucks!!!!!!
Page is loading great now, thanks!
I love dealnews sweepstakes, but this one has too many items. It would be a real nuisance for me to have to try to sell the items I don't want (like the gift cards) to try to recoup the tax on over $3000.
It seems to be working now. Thanks!
GREAT giveaway!!! Love these prizes!
loaded and worked fine. chrome/win 7
HATE that Florida residents can't enter any sweepstakes for this site...GGGGRRRRR
Still not working right.
Details - page loads but no graphics just a big black space. Headers for time left show but can't see how much time is left. New user sign up area shows. When I try to enter it takes me to the regular user log in page not the entry one that usually has my name and email already entered. Go back to sweeps page and see my info entered but still can't see any graphics.
West Coast using Firefox.
Hope it helps.
ya,, this site has been loading 'slow' for a while now
Thank you for the awesome contest! And congratulations on 16 years!! For some reason, after I hit enter, a funny page comes up. But there's no indication that my entry made it. Please help.
Ironic that a site which survived for 16 years by sharing a good deal with as many people as possible would choose to give all of its celebratory prizes to just one person.
Mine just loaded and let me enter. On Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8. east coast
Brian L. Moon (DealNews)
Can those that can't get the page to load please tell us more?

The page is slow to load?
You get an error page?
Is the error page a dealnews error page or your browsers?
Are you on the East Coast or West Coast?
will not load
I'm having trouble getting the sweeps page to load as well. Safari, Chrome, & Firefox, all the same. Mac OS X 10.8.3. Mobile, too (iPhone 5).
I am also having problems with the sweepstakes page loading. Had the same problems with previous sweeps. I'm on a mac with 10.6.8 os - problem is in chrome, safari, and firefox.
Anyone else having difficulties accessing the sweepstakes page? The page won't load and I can't register.
Veeery niiiice ! Thx DN :D