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  • water resistant fabric
  • fits air conditioners measuring 34" x 34" x 30"
  • 2" wide Velcro straps
  • Model: MACS3434
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  • Expired 11/5/2019
    Published 10/15/2019
    Verified 10/31/2019
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Covering your A/C unit in the winter is dependent upon where you live and what conditions your A/C unit is exposed to. My unit is under a bunch of trees and pine needles but is mounted on 2 poles that protrude from a wall of my house 18 inches off the ground. I use one to protect it from my neighbors 30 ft pine tree needles and my other neighbors 40 ft oak tree that looses leaves slowly until December. True you don't need this if you live in Vegas but I have to totally disassemble my unit in the spring to clean it out if I don't use one so no one should summarily dismiss the use of this product for everyone.
Please stop promoting these a/c covers. A quick search will reveal these are NOT recommended as a/c units are built to withstand the elements. And in fact, can do damage if it traps moisture inside the cover (and unit). While a good idea to stop leaves, tree nuts and other things from getting in through the top, completely covering the unit is unnecessary and can do more harm than good.
I bought this. It's worth every penny if it lasts one season. I would think it would last more than several years under normal circumstances.