The Best Novelty Gifts for April Fools' Day 2023


With April Fools' Day happening on April 1, you may be thinking it's a good time to shop for cheap novelty gifts you can use to prank your friends and family. And if you're wondering, "What is a novelty gift?", the short answer is that it's a gag gift that may look like a real product, but isn't. It can also refer in general to one of those amusing, quirky items you see that aren't especially practical, but are fun to give and use.

For instance, remember the tins of "peanut brittle" that had spring-loaded fake snakes in them? You'd offer an unsuspecting victim a piece of brittle and then open the tin, only to have the fake snakes jump out! It was a classic, hilarious prank of the '80s and '90s. And the great thing about novelty gifts is that you can use them to prank or give them to your favorite prankster friend. Just make it clear that they shouldn't try the prank on you.

Check out all the cheap novelty gifts we found that are perfect for your April Fools' pranks and general amusement.