The Best White Elephant Gifts for 2023


The holidays are here, the perfect opportunity for thoughtful gifts to show exactly how much you care... but that's for another roundup. This is Silly Gift Central: you can check out anytime you like – it's usually a necessary step to apply coupons – but you can never leave. (It's extremely easy to leave, but please don't. We're lonely.)

Potato Parcel Holiday SalePotato Parcel Holiday Sale
Store: Potato Parcel
Discount: 25% off via code "XMAS25"

Now we're talking. You want a weird gift? It doesn't get much weirder than sending someone a potato with a face printed on it. It doesn't have to be a face, but a face feels like a solid choice. Especially at 25% off, thanks to coupon code "XMAS25". Now: what's the perfect face to send someone at the holidays? It can only be DealNews dot com's most resident Christmas-liker, N. Gosker!

Gracula Garlic CrusherGracula Garlic Crusher
Store: Amazon
Price: $25.95
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $4

It's an exceptionally good White Elephant gift, sure. But can we look past the fact that "Gracula" is – if we're honest – barely functional as wordplay? It's like making a Dracula bookend and calling it "Bracula". You're just putting a different letter at the start of the name, not combining two words in a meaningful or clever way. It's a poor man's portmanteau. A poormanteau. Not to mention the slim chance you have of ever finding Dracula interacting with garlic in any way. Because Dracula doesn't exist.

Target Gifting StationTarget Gifting Station
Store: Target
Price: Stocking stuffers from $1
Shipping: Pickup, or free shipping w/ $35

You can find gifts for anyone on your list here, up to and including teachers, for whom Target recommends coffee and chocolates, which are good catch-all gifts in general, and then also pens and pencil holders, which really seem like the gift equivalent of a busman's holiday. But we're here for the weird ones, and so we turn our attention to the pet products, namely the Happy Hoodie 2-Pack, and man, just look how happy these dogs look.