How To Save With Target's March 17-23 Weekly Ad

The Target weekly ad exists every week and we've got the scoop on it.

A Target store.

The rumors surrounding the Target weekly ad are true. "Does target have a weekly ad?" the people ask and the answer is a resounding yes and so this page exists, in which we shall delve into the weekliest of Target ads and find the best deals on offer. Consider it a Target weekly ad preview of sorts. The Target weekly ad exists over here and you can also hit up the Target corner of DealNews to see the Target specific deals we're currently raving about. Or! Look below for some highlights of the best recent Target deals. Onwards!

The Top Deals We've Seen at Target This Week

10th-Gen Apple iPad 10.9" 64GB WiFi Tablet (2022) for $349.99 (22% off)

10th-Gen iPad

It's one of those there fancy iPads and if it wasn't alluring enough already, Target has seen fit to slash a nice 22% off. A Liquid Retina display, A14 Bionic chip, and various other appealing features with words that can't be understood without preexisting knowledge or search engine usage make up the need to know info here.

Bose QuietComfort Bluetooth Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones for $249.99 (29% off)

Bose headphones.

All are in agreement that it is quite impossible to exist amongst the loud racket of the world without the soothing salve of active noise canceling headphones. Even better, ANC headphones that are reduced from their regular price. Praise be!

Beats Studio Buds True Wireless Noise Canceling Bluetooth Earbuds for $99.99 (33% off)

Beats Studio Buds True Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds

Headphones are not for all but thankfully audio listening for your ear holes come in different varieties, such as in-ear buds. However! Gone are the days when this meant sacrificing active noise canceling. Now, all can be had regardless of form factor. Delightful.

A New Day Women's Midi Smoked Sundress for $24 (20% off)

A woman wearing a black dress.

A smocked bodice is among the stylistic features of this dress. Smocking of course, as we all know and certainly didn't just have to search for the meaning of, is "an embroidery technique used to gather fabric so that it can stretch. I include the definition of it purely for your benefit and not mine. Yes, that sounds convincing enough.

Buy 1, get 1 50% off Squishmallows plush toys

A Squishmallow fellow.

The time to stock up on Squishmallows has come. Surrender to your Squshmallow god, denounce all others, and begin a life of exclusive Squishmallow worship. Squishmallow! It's so fun to say.

Cat and Jack Toddler Ade Footbed Sandals for $8 (20% off)

A pair of blue sandals for a toddler.

Summer beckons! Well, spring first but then summer. It's right around the corner therefore sandals are coming back big time. Unless you're one of those who wears sandals all year round, then they never left. But for the rest of us, the great return beckons.

5 for $18 on Auden and Colsie underwear (48% off)

A woman wearing blue boy shorts underwear.

Underwear! We all need it and Target has it, at reduced prices in a convenient multibuy kind of situation. The time to stock up is now.

Buy 1, get 1 50% off games, puzzles, activities, and books

Uno. Simply Uno.

Fun things are good and so being able to buy 1 fun thing and then get 50% off another fun thing is even better. Fact. Board games, books, puzzles, and the almighty all-time great card game of Uno are among the savings options here.

Best of Warner Bros: 50 Cartoon Collection: Looney Tunes DVD for $7 (53% off)

Best of Warner Bros: 50 Cartoon Collection: Looney Tunes DVD

Given how WB has been treating the rest of the stuff it owns lately, it's probably only a matter of time before they nuke this from orbit along with everything else in their vault so it's worth picking up as soon as possible if Looney Tunes has a place within your heart. That it's discounted, is nice too.

T-fal 20-Piece Simply Cook Nonstick Cookware Set for $79.99 (20% off)

A cookware set of various cooking thingys.

13" pizza pan, baking tray, 4.5" one egg wonder, 8" fry pan, 9.5" fry pan, 10.5" fry pan with lid, 5-quart Dutch oven with lid, 2-quart sauce pan with lid, 3-quart sauce pan with lid, 10.25" griddle, spatula, slotted spatula, pasta fork, whisk, spoon, and measuring spoons. These are things that are part of this cookware set. Now you know.

Whirlpool 3.1-Cubic Foot Mini Refrigerator Stainless Steel for $159.99 (27% off)

A fridge from famed maker Whirlpool.

Refrigerators are cool. Paying less than full price is cool. The stars have aligned and all is well.

Keurig K-Supreme Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker for $139.99 (18% off)

A coffee maker from famed brand Keurig.

Famed coffee obsessives Keurig meets with famed discounter Target and results are the Keurig K-Supreme Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker for cheaper than normal. You may "elevate your everyday coffee experience to delicious new heights" for cheaper than normal. You may engage in MultiStream Technology™️ for cheaper than normal. You get the idea.

LG 65" Class 4K UHD 2160p Smart OLED TV for $1,599.99 (20% off)


The only word of caution I will issue here is that once you get used to an OLED display, all others than aren't of the OLED variety will be paltry, puny, and unpleasant by sheer unfavorable comparison. This will naturally lead to you buying more and more OLED devices until all used on a regular basis are OLED. Great for your eyes, bad for your wallet. Sacrifices must be made.

Samsung 27" 75Hz Curved 1080p Monitor for $179.99 (22% off)

Samsung Curved Monitor

Dare you embrace the curved monitor lifestyle? The reality of curved monitors is that you forget there's even a curve there after a while, until you look at a non-curved monitor and it looks like the center of it is bulging out towards you menacingly. Then even that stops happening after a while. The human brain is ever adaptable.

Mophie 5000mAh Power Bank Snap + Juice Pack Mini Portable Magnetic Phone Charger for $39.99 (20% off)

Mophie 5000mAh Power Bank Snap

I'm imagining the tactile nature of the magnetic wireless charging snap on here to be immensely satisfying. It is bringing me much joy. Away with you, leave me to my flights of fancy. But don't leave completely because there's questions below and we've got answers.

When do Target's weekly ads come out?

Between midnight and 2am central time every Sunday is when Target releases their weekly ad. It would seem Target is suggesting that Sunday is actually the beginning of the week, which is a type of radical thinking I certainly can't get onboard with but please ignore me and my fuddy-duddy old ways of thinking about the calendar. Rather, look forward to Target updating their weekly ad every week at the previously mentioned time.

Tips for shopping Target's weekly deals

You would be forgiven for simply flipping through the Target weekly ad and assuming you're getting the best on offer but there's always more ways to save, thus we will suggest a few extra ways of staying on top of the best Target sales. The DealNews app lives in your pocket on your mobile device, allowing you to maintain 24/7 awareness of our best Home Depot deals. No sleeping for you! Or if you do like to sleep, you can alternatively set up a Deal Alert to notify you whenever we see a price drop on the items you greatly desire. Or sign up to our DealNews Select newsletter to get the best of the day's deals delivered to your inbox every weekday. Choices!

How do Target's deals compare in-store vs online?

Target offers the same deals online and in-store, but shopping online brings an extra advantage: they also price match against other stores (with some exceptions). So even if another store has better prices but you'd prefer to order from Target and choose in-store pickup, you can get the best of both worlds. And why bother with in-store pickup when you could just wait a few days, and get it shipped – for free, with orders over $35.

We've reached the end of our great Target weekly ad journey so as we bow out and go our separate ways, let me summarize by saying I think it's plain to see why I like to keep a copy of the Target weekly ad near me at all times. Which is to say, the Target weekly ad is an advertisement of deals that occurs on a weekly basis that is worth your time and attention to return to and assess on a weekly basis. Hear hear to deals, and their happening on a weekly cadence!

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