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  • RESUME PRINT: The new upgraded control board enables the capacity to resumes printing after changing filament, power outage, or any other unexpected stoppage.
  • HIGH QUALITY: This all aluminum frame provides a sturdy base meant to last for years. The POM engineering thermo-plastic "Triangle-Slot" wheels provide excellent dimensional stability even during extended use. Elimination of metal-on-metal steel rods cuts noise down dramatically.
  • LARGE PRINTING SIZE AND EASY TO INSTALL High printing accuracy which meet industrial specifications. Assembly is simple and suitable for DIY customers.CR-10 Mini comes in three pre-assembled parts and takes only 10 minutes to install
  • NOTE: The CR-10mini does not come with the right side bracket or the decorative trim. The underside z-axis mounting screws provide all neccesary stability and functionality in this smaller model printer. Support materials include: 1.75mm PLA, ABS, TPU, Copper, Wood, Carbon Fiber, Gradient Color etc.
  • CREALITY 3D OFFICIAL STORE: We are the ONLY official Creality 3D Amazon store! Because all of our products are shipped to the consumer directly from the manufacturer, we provide One Year limited replacement part and lifetime technical assistance. Professional customer service has always been a cornerstone of our company philosophy.
  • Model: cr-10mini
  • UPC: 649910034639

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  • Works Out Of the Box, 3 steps to set up ANYCUBIC Mega S 3D printer with 8 screws and 3 cables for minutes, not only meets fast assembly needs for expert users but also friendly use to beginners, The rigid metal frame can minimize the shaking to improve the print quality
  • Upgraded Extruder Design, Titan extruder provides precise extrusion for your 3D printing with solid filament drive and overall mechanical design compatible with most filaments, greatly reducing the clogging risk and improving printing accuracy
  • Resume Print and Sensor Detection, Mega S 3D Printer can resume printing after power outage or any other unexpected stoppage, One click to resume from the last recorded position when suffering power outages, And the sensor pauses prints and sets off an alarm when you run out of filament which greatly saves time and cost, printing volume reaches 8.27 x 8.27 x 8.07 inches
  • ANYCUBIC Ultrabase, Patented 3D printer printing platform surface coated with patented microporous coating, with excellent adhesion when printing and then effortlessly falls off the bed when it cools to room temp at the end of the print
  • More Function, TFT Touch Screen, As responsive as operating on the phone, All ANYCUBIC 3D printers backed with lifetime technical support and 24 hours professional customer service
  • Model: Mega-S
  • UPC: 605175686402

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  • Faster Printing Speed: The first seller of MARS 2 3d printer. 2K Monochrome LCD brings 2 seconds per layer printing speed which is 3 times faster than Mars or Mars Pro.
  • Consistent Printing and Improved part clarity: Upgraded COB structured light source offer uniform and bright light emission, ensuring uniform print quality across the entire build platform, work with 2K mono LCD can greatly improve the printing accuracy and details.
  • Solidly Machine Body: ELEGOO Mars 2 3D resin printer built by CNC Machining aluminum alloy body makes it strong and durable. Even if used for a long time, it can still maintain high printing accuracy.
  • Convenient and Easy to Use: ELEGOO Mars 2 comes with the latest version of CHITUBOX Slicing Software. It takes only 1 minute to slice 30Mb .stl format files while other software may spends up to 10minutes. You can start printing within 4 minutes after assembly.
  • ELEGOO OFFICIAL SERVICES: We provide a 1-year warranty on the whole printer and 6-month warranty for the 2K LCD. If you have any questions regarding product operation or software please feel free to contact us.
  • Model: MARS 2

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  • Self-developed Ultra-silient MotherboardET4 Pro builts-in self-developed silent motherboard, which has stronger anti-interference, faster and more stable motion performance, silent printing and low decibel operation.The work decibel is below 60 decibels, won't affect your work and sleep. It is suitable for library, home, office, etc.Please Note: the delivery time only available in 3-8 days
  • Safety Protected Power SupplyET4 Pro comes with a UL Certified MeanWell power supply, meeting all the needs of fast heating and long-time printing, protecting your printer from unexpected power surges, hot bed only needs 5 minute to reach 110. Moreover, the MeanWell power supply is concealed in the machine, making it much safer.
  • Easy & Fast AssemblySuper easy to setup since it comes almost entirely preassembled, it consists three main parts and can be assembled in just a few steps. Do-it-yourself parts and accessories so that you can enjoy assembly and the beginner can easily finish them.
  • More Advanced Extruder TechnologyResume print functionIt can resume printing from the last recorded extruder position after suffering unexpected power outages or lapse occurs, saving time and reducing waste. Matrix Automatic Levelling: 25 points data collection,auto continuously self-calibrates. Frees you from Leveling Troubles. 2.8-inch Sensitive touchscreen: clear UI with friendly interface, easy to select file printing and preview the printing status real-time
  • Our ServiceAnet founded in 2015 is a professional manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales of 3D printers. As the world's leading manufacturer of innovative desktop 3D printers, Anet is committed to premium quality 3D printer. All our products pass strict testing and checking before delivery. Anet guarantees your purchase, provides professional support for after sale. We have professional customer service staff to help you solve the problem within 24 hours.
  • Model: 9160100027
  • UPC: 779296021586

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  • [ASSISTED BED LEVEL SENSOR] Leveling is easy with the level sensor. It will detect differences in the bed, which allows you to set an accurate Z offset to make first layers a breeze.
  • [HEATED, REMOVABLE, & FLEXIBLE PRINT BED] Capable of easily hitting 100C, this print bed makes removing prints easier than ever. The magnetic platform also makes cleaning and removing the bed itself simple and straightforward.
  • [2 SCREW HOTEND REMOVAL] Access to your hot end is easy, making quick changes to the tool head possible. Switch from a 0.4mm to a 0.6mm nozzle without the hassle of actually changing the nozzle. Quick, convenient, and easy.
  • [DUAL Y GANTRY] The dual Y gantry provides a stable base for the printed, minimizing wobble found in single Y gantry models of 3D printers. This results in cleaner prints and prevents the need to level over and over again.
  • [EASILY ACCESSIBLE MAGNETIC EXTRUDER] The removable magnetic carriage provides an easy launch point for changing to an extruder system of your choice. Working on your machine is more convenient than ever.
  • Model: 134438
  • UPC: 889028096222

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