Which of Your Favorite Stores Are Closing in 2018?

Store shutdowns are still a popular trend, and while some retailers are only cutting out certain locations, others are closing up shop entirely.
ToysRUs closing

Store closings might not be in the news as much as they were last year, but many brick-and-mortar locations are shutting their doors in 2018. Some retailers are closing select stores, others are shutting down their physical locations to focus on online sales, and still others are closing up shop completely. Here are all the brands we know are shutting down stores in 2018.

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Retailers That Are Closing Stores

  • Abercrombie & Fitch: The clothing retailer planned to close 60 stores in 2017 but only shuttered around 40. However, this year, it's planning for another 60 to close up shop for good.

  • Aerosoles: The women's footwear company filed for bankruptcy protection last year. Now, it's planning to close 74 of its 88 locations. But the company has noted it plans to keep four flagship stores open in New York and New Jersey.

  • Ascena Retail Group: This women's retailer operates brands such as Ann Taylor, Loft, Dressbarn, Lane Bryant, and Justice. It's planning to close at least 268 stores by July 2019. Additionally, 399 other stores will be shut down if rent concessions can't be made through negotiations with landlords.

  • Banana Republic and Gap: The parent company has decided to shut down 200 Gap and Banana Republic stores over the next three years, a move announced in September 2017. However, the news isn't all bad. The company is also planning to open 270 stores for its other brands, Old Navy and Athleta.

  • Best Buy: Don't panic — Best Buy isn't closing their regular stores. Instead, it's shuttering all 250 of its mobile phone stores in the U.S. It cited the fact that these stores have become less profitable, and is planning for all locations to be closed by summer.

  • Bon-Ton Stores Inc.: In February, the parent company of several department store brands filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That move doesn't appear to have worked out, however. Now, all of the approximately 250 locations will likely close.

  • The Children's Place: The kids' clothing retailer is set to close 144 locations by 2020.

  • Foot Locker: The shoe retailer is planning to close approximately 110 stores this year. But industry experts say there's not much need for concern. According to Matt Powell, who works for market research company The NPD Group Inc., "Foot Locker has averaged about 100 store closings a year for the last decade."

  • J.Crew: The preppy retailer closed about 50 locations during the 2017 fiscal year, and plans to close 20 more in 2018.

  • JCPenney: The department store is planning to close its distribution center in Wauwatosa, WI, as well as eight stores. The company has said it's working to relocate staff to nearby stores.

  • Macy's: The department store is closing another 11 stores this year. Clearance sales were set to begin in January.

  • Michael Kors: Over the next two years, the designer brand plans to close between 100 and 125 stores. The company announced the move in May 2017.

  • Sam's Club: The same day Walmart announced a pay increase for its workers, it also dropped the news that it was closing 63 Sam's Club stores.

  • Sears and Kmart: Between early March and early April, 39 Sears stores were set to be closed, as well as 64 Kmart stores. Several stores also closed in 2017, and other locations could be on the chopping block later this year.

  • Teavana: Starbucks said goodbye to the tea brand's retail locations, opting to close all 379 of them.

  • Toys"R"Us: It's official — the place where none of us wanted to grow up is closing its doors in the U.S. That means more than 700 stores across the country are undergoing liquidation sales. Additionally, both the Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us websites have been shut down.

Restaurants Are Closing, Too

  • Applebee's: Applebee's closed almost 100 restaurants last year, and it's planning to close up to 80 this year.

  • IHOP: IHOP is set to close up to 40 locations, yet it's also planning to open as many as 100 new locations, as well. Perhaps they're looking for better places to boost the pancake profits?

What Happens When a Store Shuts Down?

Store closings are becoming so prevalent, you might be tempted to hit all the going-out-of-business sales. However, before you break out your wallet, check out what happens to prices when a store closes. Also read up on what goes into closing a business, and whether or not there's ever a good time to shop the liquidation sales.

Readers, are any of your favorite stores on this list? What other store closings have you heard about recently? Let us know in the comments below!

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Once the greed stops we can go back to the 60s and 70s where your money was worth something.
Once we get rid of the GREED when can live like the 60s and 70s!!
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Bergners in Rockford Illinois is closing FYI
I'm not sure what the FYI is. What information are you pointing out? The use of shuttered? The use of it's and its? The magnitude of shuttering? The lack of actual shutters for the stores? The quality of the shutters potentially used for aforementioned shuttering? The fear of shutterpocalypse? (I shudder at the thought).

I'm surprised to learn Best Buy has mobile phone stores. Or uh, had.
"in 2017 but only shuttered around 40"
"it's shuttering all 250 of its"
dealnews-jramhold (DealNews)

Many of these stores are only closing select locations, but some are closing up shop all together. If there's a store on the list that isn't closing any locations at all, though, I'd be happy to correct it!
Fake news, not all of these stores are closing.