VIDEO: Is the iPad Pro the Future of Computing?


Apple has announced its iPad Pro — a larger, more powerful tablet that is meant to appeal to the more professional user. In this brief, delightful video, our panel of experts discuss if the iPad Pro is going to be the thing that changes the popular perception of tablets from just "fun pads" to serious business machines.

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This must be some kind of joke. The conversation is happening as though tablets didn't even exist until Apple made this thing. Hell, in 2008 my HP 2500tx had a rotate and flip touch/stylus screen - arguably a tablet. 2-in-1's have been around for a long time now, are detachable, capable machines that can run a full OS, and are already used in business. These tablets haven't been a conversation because they are simply PCs that have a different, flexible form factor. Meanwhile we have a crippled "tablet" in the form of iPad, and now that Apple is taking a stab at making it useful are we having a conversation about making tablets as a segment useful? As for MSFT and tablets, when they reinvented their OS presentation specifically for the tablet/touch market (Windows 8), people blasted it and cried for their desktop back. So which one is it, folks? Windows 10 is actually a pretty good stab at both. Or, we can settle for iOS which is really good at nothing, especially copying Microsoft.
There isn't anything "Pro" about it. Adding a keyboard/stylus doesn't make it "Pro". As long as it's still using iOS it's more or less hobbled for enterprise and still aimed at consumer use.
Apple users have been hammering Microsoft for the Surface keyboard/stylus and now they want it. Call it what you will but MS is hitting it dead on with the Surface Pro line - that's a "Pro" tool.
What I've been wanting Apple to do over the last few years is to make the iPad into something that will make me throw my Mac away. Storage will still be an issue for years. However, they've got in the right direction by allowing developers to make larger apps with changes in the development platform. I'm not a cloud guy so I still need better local network backup solutions and I need the operating system to see my network files in a way that feels more like part of the OS. Not some bastardized solution, something that is part of the whole. A keyboard without a trackpad is strange. In order for that to work for long typing the cursor must be responsive in much the way it was in DOS. I haven't used it yet and am curious about if they've thought about these types of things. I really like the device but still have solid iPad/iPhone/Mac solutions for now. I'll definitely get one in the future.
Depends on who is using it and for what. As the Director of IT for a large high school here? I use a previous generation Ipad for out in the field troubleshooting and documenting work orders that go into the district. Combined with Google Docs and Evernote? It's an indispensable tool that streamlines what I need to do when I'm mobile. However, when I'm back in the office? I sit down at my venerable Windows PC and access the same apps there. Why? Better performance and a bigger screen that's easier on the eyes. Heck....I'm also convinced the clickety-clack keyboard will be around long after I stick Fido on the transporter for his vet appointment across town!
The very fact that it will run a iOS makes me believe that the only business use it will get will be from users that would have used a regular iPad today. I don't think that more people will switch from a PC to an iPad pro. I assume it will take sales away from regular iPad.
I do think its advancing the conversation about using a tablet as a business device. Jeff nailed it by pointing out that adding some peripherals and its just as good as a traditional laptop. My offices executive team has started talking about this type of scenario but with surface pros.
I own several devices, use different OS's, and do a number of different tasks. So far from if apple is targeting the enterprise for business it's going to be a hard sell. A lot of corporate software still runs windows. Using hybrids, I enjoy the multiple inputs; using a pen, keyboard, mouse, or finger. I think when it comes down to it, it depends what you are using your device for. Maybe Apple will woe a big corporation and tailor an application or a software suite that streamlines a lot of their workflow. Numbers are what counts. But for me and my life and working environment, an Ipad pro is not a necessary part of my life. I think I would have been more inclined to buy it if they allow the full OS X to run in it. In addition, are they crazy to charge $169 for a keyboard with a cover?
I do most everything on iPad or iphone! Mac is seldom used. Usually when I don't want to watch what wife is watching and I go to Mac at desk and comfy chair!
Apple fan boy here... Will never buy a Surface, will never go back to using Windows - ever. Yes, I've drank the Kool-aid... I have been waiting forever for the Pro. BUT... Keynote, Numbers, Pages in iOS are still not nearly as good as they are in OS X, and that is a serious drawback (Microsoft Office is horrible software). I use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and do 3D all day, with a trackpad/trackball/stylus. Seriously drooling over Pencil and the FREEDOM it will bring to my daily grind, but again there is NO high-end Illustrator, Photoshop, or 3D for iOS... it's a serious chink in the armor for us old dogs... the new kids won't care at all because they will grow up with the new stuff, and yes, of course they will knock us off the self in the process...