Our Bacon Doughnut Sandwich Video Review

Companies are constantly trying to out-innovate each other, and starting on June 7, this competition will culminate in the public being able to buy an egg sandwich that uses a doughnut as its bun. Thanks, Dunkin' Donuts! In this brief — yet lively — discussion, our experts ponder the question: An egg sandwich ... on a doughnut?!

UPDATE: Our Media Editor Jeff Somogyi tried Dunkin' Donuts' latest while cameras were rolling. Here are his thoughts about it:

What about you, readers? Are you going to try one? Is this doughnut sandwich a boon for mankind, or a sign of the end-of-days? Do you prefer the "doughnut" or "donut" spelling? Tell us in the comment section below! (For what it's worth, BusinessWeek says it "doesn't taste that weird.")

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With a little editing your review could be turned into a fantastic Dunkin' Donuts commercial!
"You've eaten worse things that are worse for you. Looking at it that way, why not go out and grab one!" I'm salivating already. Thanks.
>What's next? A double decker hamburger with glazed doughnuts?

I tried it with ham on the recommendation of chef whose name I can't remember. He was discussing it online and suggested ham as a better option.
So, within the first bite I immediately knew there was a problem. The donut though fresh, it way too soft for a sandwich. The egg and cheese just aren't really compatible with the doughnut or "donut" and needed to be removed. Possibly if they used a maple glazed donut, but I just didn't care for it. I think bacon would have been better, but in the end I prefer to have my donuts without any protein or nutrition added.
Seems gross... What's next? A double decker hamburger with glazed doughnuts?