Survey Says: iPad 2 is the Second Most Popular Tablet for First-Time Buyers

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There will always be a deluge of people who immediately buy the latest and greatest from Apple. In fact, dealnews conducted a reader survey and discovered that 55% of current iPad owners said they would update to the third generation — even though it's only been a year since the second generation was released, and just two years since the first generation.

But what about consumers who are currently tablet-free and finally ready to jump aboard the slate train? The still-beating iPad 2 is now priced to sell at $399 retail, and we've already seen a deal spring up for $360, making it an extremely enticing option. There are also quite a few Android tablets making waves after CES. So how many of said tablet-less consumers will still opt for the new iPad?

Well, according to the survey, a whopping 78% of non-tablet owners who are planning on buying their first device within the next year said they'll spring for the newest offering from Apple. And, of the people who aren't buying the new iPad (the remaining 22%), almost half will buy a previous generation — specifically, 60% plan on buying the iPad 2 within the next six months. Why? Because the iPad 2 is now cheaper.

It's also worth noting that the other half of that 22% said they would buy an Android tablet over any Apple iPad. But since this lumped together all Android models, the iPad 2 comes out ahead, thus making it the second most popular tablet amongst first-time buyers. And, despite recent accusations about poor working conditions for Apple's Chinese factory workers, only 3% of respondents said these issues have prevented them from buying the new iPad. For more interesting tidbits, check out our nifty infographic below.

Did you preorder a third generation iPad? Are any of you instead waiting to see what upcoming Android- or Windows-based models have to offer? Or will you pick up a discounted iPad 2 instead? Sound off in the comments below.

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Scroogus Maximus
As a non-cultist and one of the few dinosaurs still not owning a tablet of any kind, I have no dog in the fight between A1 and A2. Point-blank: Whoever turns out the cheaper, more versatile tablet will win my vote and my purchase in the coming year. Apple's iPad2 is currently cheap- because their new toy just rolled out. Wait another 6 months & the i2 will be even cheaper. What I've seen on the reviews, though, is the tendency of most programming companies to aim at the latest/greatest and let the older versions die. So anyone using, say, an OS more than a year or two old is probably out of luck when it comes to upgrades/bug fixes on apps, games, etc. Research is easy to do now, so purchasing a tablet will depend for a lot of people on whether the older versions of the I-Scream-Sand-Witch or the Fruity Random-Predator-Name are taken care of by developers. Winner of that, and winner of the price war, will dominate the market more and more.
I love your cynicism... It is really amazing how vocal apple critics are. You blame "the cult of apple" as to why their products and brand have soared above the competition but fail to acknowledge the reason Apple products have gained so much attention. 

Apple was a dying company in the 90's and if they had not significantly changed their entire direction they would not be here today. But they did!

Apple puts emphasis on superior products, packaging and user experience. Their profits in the last ten years have undoubtably supported the fact that they are delivering on this agenda. It is a completely ignorant belief that the majority consumers would continue to use products from a company that provided a subpar experience and products. 

Lastly, I personally have owned multiple tablets: Acer Iconia (Android OS), iPad (1st and 2nd), Blackberry Playbook, HP Touchpad (Web OS) and an Asus Transformer (Android OS). Without a doubt my preferred tablet is the iPad. Not because it has an Apple on the back, but because the user experience has been the best. Development for iOS on tablets is geared toward the tablet experience, Developers on Android are just now beginning to realize the importance and difference on the two mobile form factors and utilization of the extra screen space has only just begun on Android.
i currently have the acer iconia a100 7" and have had it since it first was released and i love love it!!!! now i am waiting on the a700 quad core tablet due out in may or june, i cant wait!
I would be curious how this "survey" was conducted as the results don't appear to agree with previous results here on dealnews. Specifically:
The playbook was also the top selling tablet at both Best Buy & Future Shop the last week of February.

I highlight the playbook articles since you emphasized that the playbook had received 0%. Also...where is the kindle fire? I'm sure that it would make up more than the 2% of "other" tablets.
The cult of Apple is alive and well. Too bad, too. There are now many Android tablets that are just as good, if not better, for less money.