Sony Announces The PlayStation 4, Leaves Out Crucial Consumer Information

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Last night, Sony held an event to announce its upcoming PlayStation 4 console. Outside of several big hardware upgrades (like an 8-core x86 CPU and 8GB RAM replacing the current-gen's proprietary chip and 512MB of memory), the major focus was on how the next-gen device is going to be more of an entertainment hub, with a distinct slant towards social and sharing features. Now, along with streaming movies and music, you can interact with friends by sharing live video of your in-game play and connect with Facebook directly through the console. Another big feature is the ability to stream a game from the console to a PSP Vita.

Sony also upgraded the controller. Called DualShock 4, the new handheld includes a small touchpad and a "share" button that will give you immediate access to the new live streaming features of the console. It also acts as a PlayStation Move controller, so there will no longer be a need to have a second "wand" to interact with the games that require one.

Proving that you can never have everything you want, Sony says that there will be no native backwards compatibility with PS3 games; however, PlayStation Cloud will give you access to a library of old games that you can play via streaming from their servers. Sony was overall vague with the details; it is unclear how it's all going to work or even how many titles will be available to play through the service.

Glaringly not mentioned at the event: how much the new console will cost, nor what it will look like. Further, the only availability date given was "Holiday 2013." These points are surely important to the consumer, and though Sony has chosen to withhold such information thus far, we wonder if the lack of such specifics will hurt or help the marketing of this latest gen console. Tell us what you think about the PS4 announcement by answering our short poll:

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Nah, I'll buy it no matter what it looks like or costs. 19.78% I voted this way because that is the way most Americans shop. I don't have a voice anymore because of this 20% being a true representation of how people spend their money. Call me a cynic but you no longer get what you pay for. Instead you get what the pre-paying dlc acquiring masses pay for or slightly less if you elect to wait and see. When games start coming with a money back guarantee of satisfaction I'll have less complaining to do. In the interim I'll stay away from the future of games. Are there any games that come whole, full experience enclosed? No codes required? Why do I need a pass to play a system link game with my children? (SR3) Why do I have to put in codes on their console and mine for a new game when we buy two? What happened to having a complete game when we opened the package? Fools are what happened. A fool and his money are soon parted. Peer to peer hosting of games with fees to connect to each other?
Not revealing price could be smart. It can build excitement for the console and make people want it without reacting to the price so when the price is announced hopefully the excitement outweighs the seemingly steep cost of this new console
You could have included some of the info from the Gizmodo review. It seems to have a bit more info.
WOW! Worst article yet, I've read about the PS4! You might have wanted to mention Sony didn't announce/give out all the details as of yet because they want to save something for E3 this June where most of all major announcements are revealed.