Rumor Roundup: Will Google's Smartwatch Work With the iPhone?


When the Internet runs out of news, it starts making things up. We think this is funny, so we round up all the lies and speculation and put them here. We call it the "Rumor Roundup" and we do it all for you! This week:

Touch Force
  • Will the iPhone 6S Have Force Touch Capabilities?
    Not to be confused with "Touch Force," a relatively short-lived cartoon, from the early 80s where each member of the team had a special power based around a different hand-strength. There was "Sally Squeeze," "Clint Clench," and "Race Embracer," who was that guy you meet for the first time who is a "hugger" and holds for juuuuust a bit too long... to fight crime! That and a bowl of Frosted Sugar Bombs and you had yourself a Saturday morning! (Note: This is all made up.) [Apple Insider]

  • Is Google Working on Getting Their Smartwatches to Work With the iPhone?
    I feel like I read somewhere that Nostradamus wrote a quatrain about this, and that it's a precursor to the end of the world. "The robot, conquered, is sent to Cupertino / He will set a watch upon the throne / By a great effort they merge / Though they escape the fire, his bees yield blood by the barrel". [Android Headlines]

Wet iPhone
  • Is Apple Working on a Waterproof iPhone?
    Apple will be the first phone manufacturer to chase the Atlantean dollar. When reached for comment, Namor said, "Imperius Rex!" then flew off using his ankle-wings. [BGR]

  • Will Huawei's Android Smartwatch Cost $1,000?
    Apple Watch rumored to be expensive? Jack up your price, so your watch doesn't seem "cheap" in comparison. In my day, trying to out-price someone meant undercutting them. [Ubergizmo]

GoT Dragon
  • Will HBO's A La Carte Service, "HBO Now," Cost $15, Be Available in Time for Game Of Thrones Season Five?
    There are 10 episodes in the new season, so that's three months at $15, for a total of $45 versus buying the Blu-ray set for, probably, $35. Or stealing your friend's dad's HBO Go login credentials, for free. (Note: This math doesn't work if you're concerned with watching "Veep" for some reason. [Fierce Cable]

  • Did the Rock Pass on Green Lantern For the Shazam Movie?
    Probably because the character's trademark saying is way easier to remember. (No, I'm not saying The Rock is dumb, I'm saying The Green Lantern Oath is.) (Wait, that's not making anyone less mad, is it?!) [TechTimes]

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