Rumor Roundup: Is Comcast Going to Buy T-Mobile?


When the Internet runs out of news, it starts making things up. We think this is funny, so we round up all the lies and speculation and put them here. We call it the "Rumor Roundup" and we do it all for you! This week:

Surface Phone
  • Is Microsoft Working on a "Surface Phone"?
    No no no... this Microsoft phone will be better than all the others and you'll totally want this one. Swear. (Though, secretly, I still feel a ZunePhone would have crushed it.) [Tech News Today]

  • Is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Making the Chips for the iPhone 7?
    Look, just because I have a strong preference for Utz over, say, Lays or Wise, doesn't mean I care deeply about all chip manufacturers, Internet rumor-creators! Learn about homographs! [ValueWalk]

Elder Scrolls
  • Will Elder Scrolls 6 Be Released in 2016?
    Since Elder Scrolls' first game came out in 1994 (21 years ago), those scrolls, which were "elder" must be ancient, by now! (Also, people of a certain age: Didn't you just cringe realizing that kids born in the mid-90s can now legally drink?!) [Neuro Gadget]

  • Does The Samsung Galaxy S7 Have A Magnesium Body?
    So if you want to keep your blood pressure normal, build strong bones, and have a steady heart rhythm, be sure to lick your phone every day. (Drug facts courtesy of WebMD.) [TechSpot]

Furious 8
  • Is Fast & Furious 8 Set in New York City?
    In a town where many opt for public transport, to avoid congested city streets, Vin Diesel, et al. will race their sports cars on the subway tracks. Or race subway trains on the city streets. Honestly, with these movies, nothing is off the table as "too unbelievable." [Fashion & Style]

  • Is Comcast Looking to Buy T-Mobile?
    They're looking to spread their patented brand of ill-will and customer dissatisfaction to brand new markets. [re/code]

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outdated* not updated
lol @comcast. Two things- it's funny that they're going after the CDMA networks. That source is so updated, so that seems to be par for the course of Comcast haha. Two, they're looking to benefit from Verizon, another company who's been known to have blah customer service and gouges customers.

It's a match made in heaven...