Rumor Roundup: A New Paper Mario? Star Wars on TV?


When the Internet runs out of news, it starts making things up. We think this is funny, so we round up all the lies and speculation and put them here. We call it the "Rumor Roundup" and we do it all for you! This week:

Paper Mario
  • Is a New Paper Mario Game on its Way?
    What's taking so long? It's not the character design. (That can be cut and pasted from the last game — get it?!) What's causing the delay is the development of a new Tayce T. menu. What will "mushroom + tonic =" this time?! [VG247]

  • Will Apple's 4" Phone Be Called "iPhone 5se"?
    So, "iPhone 5 Speed...e"? (You can't tell us that the "S" in "iPhone 3GS" stands for speed, then not keep to that nomenclature.) I swear, if they say it's pronounced "iPhone Fivesies," I'll scream. [Apple Insider]

Star Wars on TV
  • Is a Live-Action Star Wars Show Heading to Netflix?
    Let's hope they make it tangential to the movies and, instead of Skywalker et al, center it around six, low-level Imperial workers who are friends. (Named Ch'andler, Mon Mothmonica, I-Joe-88, Phobos, Beru-chel Lars, and Ross.) [iDigital Times]

  • Has Destiny 2's Release Date Been Delayed?
    Guess it wasn't... in the cards to happen in September of 2016. One might say it had a different... DESTINation on the calendar. Uh... another misleading pun about "Destin, FL." (It's a real place, look it up!) [GameRant]

iPhone Two Cameras
  • Will the iPhone 7 Have Two Rear-Facing Cameras?
    We have two eyes, so it only makes sense to have one camera for each of them. That's why most phones, these days, have two speakers, one for each ear, and 10 screens, one for each finger. [Teen Vogue]

  • Will the Next Apple iPhone Not Tap Into LiFi?
    LiFi, as we all know, stands for "Linda's Finances." So, good news for Linda, who's been going through some hard times and doesn't need the additional strain. Hang in there, Linda! [MNR Daily]

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Cjorgens81 - No, you're wrong. The last Paper Mario was Sticker Star. You're thinking of the new Mario & Luigi game that includes the Paper Mario version of Mario. And if you had read the article, it's explicitly talks about a Wii U version.
uh...the new paper mario came out a week ago dealnews. so not a rumor, it actually exists.