It's Hard to Tell Whom You're Buying From When Shopping at

Many online stores use third-party sellers to fulfill customer orders, but has recently made it more difficult to see who's backing your order.
Jet logo officially launched last July with the promise of offering prices that are lower than even Amazon. And one reason why the site has managed to offer competitive prices is through the use of third party retail partners, somewhat like what Amazon does with its marketplace sellers.

Many online retailers use third party sellers to bulk up their offerings, but recently, has made it more difficult for shoppers to know who exactly they're dealing with.

Who's Fulfilling Your Order?

Since the beginning of this year, our editors have noticed that has changed its transparency regarding third-party sellers. The store began revealing vendor information deeper and deeper into the checkout process, which meant that you wouldn't necessarily know who was filling your order until you were a step or two away from actually placing the order.

Then, a few days ago, our editors noticed that some product listings have no transparency at all; many items are labeled only as "Fulfilled by Jet Trusted Retail Partner," with no further vendor information. has also started filling orders based on the buyer's geographical location. A particular item could be fulfilled by one seller if the order was placed in Alabama, and a completely different seller if the order was placed in New York City. It's possible that is using this practice in order to cut down on shipping times and costs, which may very well benefit the shopper; but again, this too poses a challenge for consumers who are trying to figure out what vendor is backing their order.

Shoppers Could Be Buying From Unreliable Sellers

Unknown vendors can't be properly vetted, and that could mean logistical problems and headaches for shoppers down the line.

And this isn't an inherent issue with using third party vendors to fulfill orders. Many sites that use them, like Amazon, prominently feature the seller on the product pages, as well as links to their ratings.

Readers, what say you? Have you shopped with What has your experience been like? Give us all the details below!

Julie Ramhold
Senior Staff Writer/Consumer Analyst

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I recently purchased a Michael Kors bags assuming I was purchasing it "new" and to my surprise I found it's used with a penny in one of the zipperd compartments and a few visible scratches on the metal. I contacted their customer service department and, "put them on notice". What a scam! Go to the original sites and don't bother with Jet for hand-me-downs! I found out the bag had been purchased at Macy's since it had a return label on the tag. They don't vet the third party sellers at all. And it's a joke. Not to mention the order could not be traced properly since it started with FedEx and somehow ended up being delivered by the US Post office!!!
I ordered an expensive piano keyboard from Jet third party. I was a little leery since it came from Brooklyn, NY. But everything was brand new and unopened as described. Price was way better than anywhere else.
It would appear third party sellers are having their own identity crisis. I ordered a frying pan from a couple months back, it was fulfilled by one of their third party partners who sent it to me in an box..Ooopss!!!
Bought item on for a great price, however I did not see the third party seller, Rakutan, until I finalized the purchased. Usually I don't mind but I had an issue with Rakutan as I had my credit info stolen and used immediately after to purchase electronics. Many other clients of Rakutan had posted the same issue at the same time. Rakutan did not handle the issue and I have vowed never to use them again. Enter without transparency and I ended up purchasing from a retailer I would not knowingly use. Now I have added to my list.
I had 2 great transactions with Jet via their third party sellers. Didn't notice it was from third party until i got the items.Both items i scored arrived fast and both arrived in perfect brand new as described. Scored brand new 219 Shipped on xboxone brand new and pressure washer for 60 dollars less than anyone.
Certain categories on Jet are competitive. Their console games for example. I haven't had delivery issues, but it does take a long while for them to arrive.
I've ordered numerous times from Jet and received them in 2 days in new condition so this doesn't concern me at all.

Since I was one of the first to sign up, I receive free shipping with no minimum which is great.

But I have noticed the prices have gone up and some items I ordered in the past like chicken jerky for dogs is no longer offered.
Jets prices have gone up and are no longer competitive with Walmart or Amazon. Also their selection has shrunk. For instance no Brothers ink.
Here is my two cents:

I purchased a Logitech Harmony 650 from I placed the order on a Saturday: 15 days later I received a Harmony 700. The packaging was beat up - which could have been the delivery company. However, I was not impressed. I saved $8 and it took 13 days longer than trusty amazon.

I have not written them off (they are still in infancy), but they will have to continually improve. As much as I love Amazon, I want Jet to succeed so that it isn't Amazon and nobody else. Just like Target is good for WalMart, Jet could be good for Amazon.
I gave up on the site. The prices were almost always higher than other sites. So many of the offers are for grocery/personal care items that are cheaper and easier to pick up at Walgreens/CVS.
I have no problems buying from jet and hope they destroy Amazon.
I recently placed an order with Jet. I noticed when I checked out the resources were all over the place. But ... the prices were very good, shipping is fast, and if Jet is going to back up the products then I don't care where it comes from. If you ask me they're doing an excellent job of keeping their inventory down while helping others move theirs.
I placed and received an order from and it arrived quickly and was as described. The price was much lower than I could find anywhere else.
It's easy for me. I don't use :)
As long as I get my stuff, and as long takes care of any problem, it doesn't matter to me. I just placed an order, and received everything in two days. Don't know where it was shipped from, but I got a very good price, and I got my stuff on time.