Customer Service Reps Should Roleplay as Thor More Often

This Amazon employee should probably win a customer service award of some sort.
Amazon Norse God

We all have horror stories about dealing with customer service reps that aren't particularly helpful (and they undoubtedly have their own cringe-worthy stories about outraged, inappropriate customers), but every now and then, service goes above and beyond our expectations.

And it's probably fair to say that none of us expected this to happen: A Reddit user recently posted an epic conversation he had with an Amazon representative about a missing order. The rep's name happens to be Thor, and this user ran with the association with the Norse God. Basically, if you have ever wanted to know what it would be like if the ruler of Asgard had to deal with a book being mistakenly sent back to Amazon, then you need to click through and read the entire conversation.

Ultimately, it's moments like this that end up making a huge difference in a consumer's opinion of a store's service, since these experiences can be shared with the world so easily. As one Redditor notes, "The main thing to customer service is BE A HUMAN. Not that complicated." ("Or a Scandinavian Demi-God. Whichever.")

Readers, have you had any delightfully eccentric conversations with customer service reps in the past?

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I saw Thor in person when I went in to Best Buy to pick up my iPhone cover! He didn't actually help me with my purchase (because he was the security guard/receipt checker/greeter) at the entrance/exit. While I was standing in line, another customer had ordered & was picking up a 55" flat screen television. The staff member that was helping her with the television came out with it on his shoulder. After I had made my purchase, I stopped to talk with him to ask him if the television was heavy or just awkward. His co-worker chimed in about what it was like carrying the televisions so I turned to look at him to include him in the conversation & that's when I noticed the co-worker's name tag read Thor.
That was awesome! I know that people in Customer Service don't get to brag about having a good day, but that must have been a fun one to go home from. He will now be immortalized through story & posts, like the Nordic gods themselves. :P
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@HowardaC Niiiiiiice
Whoever that was got lucky. I got this foreign guy called "Groot"... couldn't get four words out of the bozo. Now I could get three.... the same three....
michael bonebright (DealNews)
I absolutely believe that Thor works in customer service when he's not saving the Nine Realms.