Buyer Beware: This Store Is Canceling Orders Left and Right

Here's why DealNews won't be listing any more sales from TigerDirect.

The times, they are a changin' at TigerDirect — and not for the better it seems. DealNews has stopped listing any deals from TigerDirect, due to a multitude of complaints we've received about the vendor not fulfilling orders.

The trouble appears to have really started when they were purchased by PCM (formerly PCMall) in late November. Ratings of their eBay store experienced a fall to 95.2%, and a significant increase in negative reviews occurred during December of last year.

Here's why you might want to think twice before placing an order with TigerDirect.

Canceled Orders, Lack of Refunds

The reviews on TigerDirect's eBay store show the biggest problem shoppers seem to have encountered were random order cancellations. In some cases, shoppers were told the item they had purchased was out of stock — but only after they took the initiative to contact the store for details on why their orders seemed to be delayed.

Several members of our own team experienced this disappointment when they placed orders for an item only to discover days (if not weeks) later that it had been canceled.

And yet, an automatic cancellation didn't seem to warrant an automatic refund; shoppers could receive their refund in five business days if they were lucky. And if they weren't? The refund process could take up to a couple of weeks, at least.

All Sales Are Final

TigerDirect also chose a strange time to make at least one major policy change. Beginning on Christmas Eve, the vendor decided it would no longer accept returns or process exchanges. As of 12:00 AM ET on December 24, all sales were final.

It should also be noted that within the last 24 hours, TigerDirect has essentially closed its eBay store. At the time of this writing, there were no items listed for sale.

So, this is something to take into account if you intend to purchase from TigerDirect in the future. Given these mounting complaints, DealNews has decided to stop listing their sales, because we're not confident in their customer service. If that changes in the future, we'll let you know.

Readers, have any of you had issues with TigerDirect recently?

Julie Ramhold
Senior Staff Writer/Consumer Analyst

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Thank you for this heads up. Unfortunately i bought a few items from tiger and am still waiting for a refund. Checked my account and still nothing.
jimsharp's the correct link for the story on Systemax
Funny....I just read this article yesterday dated 1/26/16: Systemax (current owner of Tiger-Direct) is planning on reopening the Circuit City Stores this coming Spring and projecting 5,000 to 10,000 new locations over the next five years, along with Web presence. Not a great way to encourage customers to Circuit City after the horrible customer experiences I am seeing from the bulk of the comments below concerning Tiger-Direct. Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me!
I really appreciate you giving us the heads up on Tiger Direct.
I used to shop with them quite frequently, but lately their daily emails to me have been advertising only certain items for sale at large savings and of those items, I needed nothing. So glad I didn't place any recent orders.
Thanks for the article.

I think it's turning into a scam- they list something on eBay for a low dollar amount, then send you an e-mail, *outside of ebay*, cancelling the order. It lets them get away with not having to immediately issue a refund. Then they hope people forget about the refund. Do it to enough people and you start scamming people out of a lot of money.

I made sure I left negative feedback and escalated the issue in eBay to make sure I got my refund... but to have to "ask" for it is asinine and poor business practice.
Hmm, I think that DealNew was last to realize this...
Lucky Ebay Tiger Direct Customers......At least those not receiving items purchased from Tiger on Ebay can get their money back by filing for a refund due to non-delivery of item. Maybe the moral here is to buy through Ebay instead of direct from "Any" merchant with a history of poor customer service. While I don't always think ebay is the perfect buying medium, at least there are some levels of protection for the consumer on their site.
Currently appears to be a mute point - it has been almost a week since I've received one of their promo emails.
Rakuten, this store is also terrible about customer service. I have purchased items that were found to be defective, sent emails and no one bothers to answer, they have no phone numbers you can call if you have a problem, and then if you return the item you may never get your refund. So beware of this store!!
Yes, I have had an order cancelled by Tiger Direct for a TV mount. As soon as I found out they had cancelled my order from ebay, I filed a request for a refund and did not let then take the normal waiting time to file a claim. I got my money. But I am sure many others did not. And now that they have been bought by PCM or PCMall as it were, things will most likely get worse.
PCMall and MacMall are owned by Frank Calusie, a very disreputable individual. I worked for him many years ago and left because they always messed with my wages. And several times bounced my pay check. What ever name they stick on this rubbish heap, STAY AWAY no matter what they offer. You will be doing your self a favor.
It the shame that the new management has ruined the great website Tigerdirect. This site has been my go-to PC items for more than 15 years. I miss the old management. PC items at Tigerdirect always been good value items to buy. I remember Tigerdirect from the 90's, now it never the same.
Last Year TigerDirect closed most of the warehouses. Now they are closing website. That's why they sell all items as Final and No Refund.
What about "GearXS"? they sell expired / defunct products and have horrible Customer Service, a ton of complaints, especially with the "Great Value" Battery "Sale" but Dealnews continues to support their "values", very strange....

Perhaps the powers that run the site would like to rethink the "About Us" statements:

"Every day, DealNews brings you the best deals available on the hottest items on the Internet. We scour over 2,000 online retailers and tens of thousands of deals to deliver the best 200+ deals each and every day ..the kinds of deals you'd normally only see on Black Friday."

200+ deals each day .. the kinds do deals you'd normally only see on Black Friday, 'eh?

Um, I think not.

Also, where did Jonathan Y's comment go?
Without it my remark seems out of context, ...but, I expect that's what you wanted.
dealnews-bglaser (DealNews)

As it clearly states in our Editorial Guarantee (, DealNews lists the best deals period, regardless of our relationship with the seller, and bans any store that we find has a history of poor customer service.

Sometimes, the best deals beat out other prices by only a small amount, and we try to note when similar deals are available at other retailers.

We keep a close eye on customer complaints, and suspend or stop listing problematic sellers like Tiger Direct as soon as possible. If you are concerned about any specific deals or sellers, please let us know.
@Jonathan Y - No. Apparently they are in the process of selling inventory that they don't have available.

Then they are failing to issue refunds for orders they have cancelled.

They are flagrantly abusing the eBay seller process in what appears to be a wholesale attempt to defraud customers.

Dealmac and Dealnews USED to be a reliable source for legitimate bargains. In recent years the deals posted have been rather dubious, as the site seems to value traffic over service to its visitors. I question whether many of the "deals" merit the attention the site gives them as they often don't offer a significant savings or are offered by merchants with bad reputations. Perhaps DealNews needs to scrutinize what is published, only giving attention to genuine bargains from reputable merchants.

TigerDirect has been bad news since the get-go. They had horrendous customer service, sold old stock, did not honor rebates, and edited customer reviews. Yet DealNews still promoted them.
You guys are right. These guys cancelled my order too. Thats way unprofessional.
@Jaspers. P1of3
PCM didn't really have a choice with their decision as they are initiating there recent union with the TigerDirect brand, as they were caught in the spotlight with having to contend with the publicity.

There is adequate evidence that they, PCM are complicit in the nefarious activity of TigerDirect. As it has been several weeks since my first ordered product has not arrived, no tracking info supplied, no refund, no answering of emails or contact from TigerDirect, I have received almost daily Marketing Emails from PCM/TigerDirectB2B. The only way that they could have obtained my Email address was through the transaction with TigerDirect/Systemax and the unfulfilled purchases that were made through Ebay. PCM certainly has access to the database, the same database that put up for sale, 1000's of products that they now claim Didn't exist.

They are certainly capitalizing off of the victimization of 1000's of consumers, easily a total sum of 10,000+.

Are you a rep for PCM?
My concern is PCM's connection to these nefarious activities. It would seem that they are behind at least a percentage of the cancelations.

For those of you that don't know, PCM (formerly PC Mall) is in the process of acquiring Systemax (parent of TigerDirect).

I placed 6 orders (totaling 9 items) from TigerDirect's eBay offerings over that last 2 weeks, for items ranging in price from $3 to $115. All orders were cancelled after about a week, notification was sent by e-mail outside of eBay's messaging system, only one item (the cheapest $3 purchase) was refunded with TigerDirect still owing me $180 in refunds.

The most curious cancellation was for a document scanner that had been listed for $135, and then was reduced to $115. I bought it the moment the price went down. The order was cancelled after 5 days. No refund issued to date. Soon after the cancellation the unit appeared on PCM's website for $326. I don't think it was a coincidence. I believe PCM is behind it all.
Used to shop at TigerDirect in 2015, but before the buyout - had zero problems with TigerDirect during that period. However, I did notice the No Return/Exchanges starting around Xmas time when I was looking at USB disk drives! Didn't buy then and won't be buying from TigerDirect any more!
TigerDirect was bought out by a company that wants to fool the customer into thinking they are a reputable company (the old bait and switch)
I'm glad DealNews is addressing such issues. If places like TigerDirect continue such subpar customer service, they'll find themselves closing up shop!
part2-part3 below

It is powerful that the consumer had documented every aspect of the experience and had contacted the Consumer Affairs department of a television station. This examples what I had stated previously in my post.

I have been documenting the experience, not for the case as it has unfolded for myself, but so that it can represent the experience of 1000's of my fellow citizenry who have been victimized by a corrupt business play.

It appears that PCM married itself to the Bride of Frankenstein brand. PCM has their logo branded right beside TigerDirect upon TigerDirects sales-site. In my mind they are forever branded as synonymous for shenanigans. PCM was certainly aware of the numerous accounts of TigerDirects malfeasance before acquiring , as there is substantial evidence easily rendered up using an internet search engine.
It's appreciated you decided to stop listing deals from companies that have such issues. BUT, I notice a number of others that you still list despite huge customer complaints. A prime example is They have so many complaints, they get an F from the BBB. Or A4C and the damaged products they send out. I like Dealnews, but I used to love it. Let's clean house with groups that provide bad product, service, and logistics.
It is powerful that the consumer had documented every aspect of the experience and had contacted the Consumer Affairs department of a television station. This examples what I had stated previously in my post.

I have been documenting the experience, not for the case as it has unfolded for myself, but so that it can represent the experience of 1000's of my fellow citizenry who have been victimized by a corrupt business play.

It appears that PCM married itself to the Bride of Frankenstein brand. PCM has their logo branded right beside TigerDirect upon TigerDirects sales-site. In my mind they are forever branded as synonymous for shenanigans. PCM was certainly aware of the numerous accounts of TigerDirects malfeasance before acquiring , as there is substantial evidence easily rendered up using an internet search engine.
An irony is that I made my purchases, so that I could get down to business. Business that has now stalled, my focus redirected as I seek a refund & answers, and that PCM premises it's business upon Businesses. My capital is tied up in making payments for products that are in no mans land, no shipping information, no response from TigerDirect, delay on getting the issue resolved through Ebay & PayPal. As business goes, "time is money". This is time lost.

I live in one of the few cities that is actually experiencing a growth in business and believe you me, I will decimate my evidence far and wide. I'll let Systemax's NATG, PCM & the TigerDirect brand do the labor to gain back consumer trust.

I think that those that try to defend this type of corporate malfeasance have been held hostage to the experience of bad consumerism that they now suffer from a consumer form of Stockholm Syndrome.
Received an "order canceled " email followed by a "backordered email" followed by another "order canceled".

Obviously a company that is in total disarray. Stay clear.
The implications of this fraudulent activity & large scale heist activity is quite hefty.

I like so many others, placed had purchased several items from TigerDirect through it's Ebay sales. What compounds the travesty of it is, that of the consumers were baited by the opportunity to receive a good deal, not out of greed but rather out of times being financially hard for working citizenry.

This is not a crime against a few people, or an individual crime (it is criminal, unless the virtue of the land has sunken so low that it is accepted as, business as usual), but rather fraudulent activity that has effected 100's possibly up to 10,000+ if one examines the purchases of products that were listed. I had personally witnessed the purchases ranging from several hundred to 1,000, with just One product, while tracking several items. (Purchase items are tallied upon Ebay stating buyer ex d***d and the number purchased).
People use your collective strength!
Those affected need to archive all information and evidence to collectively resist having others open to being victimized in the future by PCM, the present owners of TigerDirect. Send archived material and notation of your experience to the BBB, Consumer Affairs & Consumer Reports, PayPal, Ebay, and to the Credit Card companies that have"accredited" PCM/TigerDirect by endorsing their credibility by having their Logos placed upon their home webpage and have assisted in their nefarious activity by allowing them to utilize their payment systems, even after having consumer cases brought before the courts in Florida fro Consumer Fraud. (Google TigerDirect: Rebate Fraud).
The tsunami of effected consumers has not even begun to appear on TigerDirects Ebay rating pages yet. Over the last several weeks, since I made my purchases, they sold over 10,000 non existent, (out of stock), products & those transactions have not even begun to appear upon the ratings page. I observed that they were revising the listing information upon their individual products pages, shifting Quantity and Shipping terms around, altering conditions of Shipping, etc. up to several times a day.
Perhaps here is where it will get nasty for the consumer. Both Ebay and PayPal state that they will cover the cost of an item if it is not shipped or exactly as listed.
The question is, are they going to willingly take in 1000's of dollars worth of losses willingly or attempt to wiggle out of the "satisfaction guarantee" that they advertise as being their guardianship over consumer protection? Or will the consumer get a double tap of being victimized, after having their trust molested by Tigerdirect?

This travesty will be interesting to see how it unfolds as it is a classic case of our capitalistic consumer exploitation society. Where such activity by the working class, would without hesitation be deemed criminal activity, but because it is committed by a large corporation, they almost always are deemed, "Too Big To Jail" or even be prosecuted. You and I, the individual would have been banned and barred from Ebay & PayPal for exhibiting the same exact activity in a heartbeat.
One thought to pursue, is that perhaps TigerDirect has worked and scammed & has stolen within our consumer law structure, a structure that holds the door wide open for consumer molestation, to lay victimized without recourse.

Even this articles writer has stated that they have "Suspended" allowing PCM/TigerDirect to list, But are open to allowing them to be disguised as a good business in the future if they change their feathers, regardless of a mountain of evidence that less than kosher business has been their practice for a long time.

Is DEAL NEWS as forgiving to the individual, how many exConvicts does your organization hire, giving a fellow citizen who may have committed a crime against one or two another chance to succeed as you have stated that you are willing to do, with a company that has left up to 10,000+ victimized by it's actions and policies?
Ordered on the 15th, five items on eBay: computer case, power supply, 2032, hard drive case and usb3 to sata. only the last items hasn't shipped yet. Everything shipped from GA warehouse via UPS. Not worried about the time for refunds, since the last time was under $6. Used to buy a lot from them over 10 years ago. NewEgg is becoming like Tiger - MIR on every deal. Cant buy on have to go to store to get their weekly deals.
Their rating on ebay is now 91.1%...crashing quickly!!! I quit buying from them a few years ago because of concerns.
Same here, ordered hdmi cable on Jan 18 on ebay! Today (after 5 days) they mailed (outside ebay) to inform it is backordered! Do they list the item on ebay to collect the information and sell to third party? I just checked their feedback rating and over 1000 negative feedback on last month! I should have checked that before!
I guess I'm joining the crowd today, since I received notice yesterday that the hot swappable hd/ssd enclosure order was cancelled due to... out of stock . It had previously been on backorder. I used Paypal of course, since it was on Ebay, and was charged. Part of the cancellation notice stated: "Please note that your payment method will not be and has not been charged. If you used a prepaid payment method such as PayPal or Google, the payment processors will be automatically notified of the order cancellation and they will refund your payment within 24-48 hrs." I hadn't bought from tigerdirect in years, now I remember why.
So why not just delist this store from all the deals sites!!
This is why the buyer needs to check the Better Bureau reports and Ebay Feedback before they buy. A great deal that seems too good to be true--usually is! Some execs with this company are in jail because of the way they ran the company....IMHO, this is not a company that I want to deal with! It's about time Deal News came to it's senses!
Thanks for this info. I will pass it along.
i stopped using them years ago. i always thought the company motto was 'yesterdays tech at todays prices'. i have so distanced myself that i wasnt even aware of this. newegg has still been ok to me, and amazon. sigh. when they opened the site to 'ebay' type vendor pages, buying parts is more trouble than its worth. wild price variations, one choice is prime, the other choices all have silly inflated shipping costs, nullifying your prime benefits. anyway just lamenting the lack of choices in computer parts.
@Nimer that happened to me. I purchased 4 speakers for a surround system I was building through tigerdirect during black friday. they waited until after the christmas sales to notify me that 3rd party vendors were no longer shipping to them since they were shutting down soon
Placed several orders on ebay, and got emails saying all the orders were cancelled, but got a refund for only one order so far.
I've ordered several small items (USB hard drive enclosures, a flash card reader, a USB 3.0 to SATA/IDE adapter) from their eBay store a fed days ago. Prices were blowout cheap -- half to a third of their normal cost. And, yes, I knew about their bankruptcy situation.

According to eBay, the items have been shipped. I'm supposed to get them Tuesday the 26th. We'll see... And I'll update if/when they arrive.
Ditto here. Tiger Direct eventually cancelled my Ebay store order after waiting several weeks ("no stock") and promised a refund but I've yet to see it and probably won't ever see. It's become a stinky, festering fraudulent business enterprise. Beware!!!
I used to buy all my PC hardware at TigerDirect. I quit shopping there about 5-years ago when their service started going downhill. It's really sad to watch a vendor that used to be so great go downhill so fast.
People on reddit talked about this iirc. Good job Dealnews!
Thanks Dealnews, I've been wondering about this company for a while now. I used to buy from them years ago and they seemed like a good company then. But when they started advertising great prices and then in the fine print it was always after a mail-in rebate I stopped ordering from them. I hate mail-in rebates and when I see that I don't look any further. If someone wants to offer a low price that's fine, but not with all the hoops you have to jump thru for a rebate. Even when they do pay it's really mainly a free short-term loan for the seller. And more often than not you never receive it anyway. I do still like NewEgg but the worst thing I find about them is they don't list enough information about a product. Usually have to research an item somewhere else before ordering from them.
This may also be a scam to help their cash-flow. I was charged for an item through eBay/PayPal on Jan 16. On Jan 20 I received an email (from TigerDirect - not through eBay) that item was backordered. On Jan 21 I received two emails (again not through eBay) that order was cancelled. On Jan 22 the order still shows in eBay with an estimated delivery date. No sign of a refund from PayPal.
About d*mn time. I've complained several times over the past number of years (even before they bought about the company's shady practices (misrepresenting warranties, sending the wrong thing, etc.), and Deal News never did a thing.
Sounds like a ponzi scheme that dried up. Thank you for the warning!
also just so you know....Tigerdirect is going bankrupt. so don't do anymore business with them
tigerdirect was around when they bought name Never bought from tigerdiect. Started buying from newegg since last year and they have been Great!! bought from them many times last year. honored sales and deals and arrived on time, and returned items without hiccups. B& H is also another good company to buy stuff from
Dealnews, you guys have cost me a lot of money over the years, but it was worth every penny. Good move on eliminating Tigerdirect, I've always thought they were scammy even years ago when they started out. Yep, just received my cancellation notice on the disc batteries listed a week or so ago. Good riddance TD.
Have had 3 orders cancelled since last week, due to OOS. After seeing this, I'll be sure to track my refunds. I'm wondering if TD just isn't borrowing my money for a few days, to pump up their accounting pro-rata.
I have had very good luck with Newegg for several years and as recently as christmas season. Never an issue.
I hate the uncertainty of the rebate process so I just steer clear of it if at all possible. Crap like a short submission period which you have to have your product in hand before you can apply seems more of a scam than anything. Anyway I shop on price and usually steer clear of a fantastic price only AFTER rebate. Others may have more luck with them than I do. I just don't like the hassle.
Thanks for the notice Julie Ramhold, good call DealNews. They've gone downhill for some time. A couple years ago they sent me the wrong item. I called and talked to some manager who had a very unique name and struck me as a fast talking crook. After we disconnected the call I Googled him and he had just months earlier been arrested for attempted murder along with a slew of other heinous felonies down there in Miami! (Glad I didn't complain in person, LOL)

I went through the Better Business Bureau and got it resolved that route but vowed never to do business with them again. made a similar decline years ago too.
I have never been a fan of Tiger Direct. Their prices always looked great until you saw the little gotcha
s to get that price and then it wasn't always so great of a deal.
I also recently had an order cancelled from them with no reason given. It was an inexpensive cable so I wasn't going to be on the hook for any large amount. That said I did pay for the order using paypal and they issued a refund through paypal in a couple of days.
I find the protections of paypal backed up by normal credit card protections works out nicely. Obviously both of these can bring pressure that a single customer cannot on the business. Also in many instances either the card or paypal will issue a refund very quickly on their own.
It has worked for me quite well.
On another note, their website only has a couple items in each category. looks like they may be going out of business.
kuddos to dealnews
computer parts guy
Thanks for the heads up Julie!
Several years ago I bought around $700 worth of PC parts from them. They shipped it with no packing material. The motherboard was literally in 2 pieces when I took it out of the box. When I called to return it they accused me of not being properly grounded and damaging it with static electricity. If I could shoot electricity strong enough to blast a mobo in half, I would be more concerned with world domination than returning damaged parts. Long story short I paid with a credit card and was able to file a dispute and get a refund. I haven't purchased from them since. If they had a parking lot I would dance in it the day the close.
Cancelled my order, still awaiting refund
Great scam. Put items up for sale, then cancel and accumulate 1000s of email address for spam
Suspicion confirmed.

The Xerox Documate 3120 that I ordered from TigerDirect for $114.99 was cancelled this morning.

Today, the same unit miraculously appeared on the PCM website for $325.99.

A little too cute.
I mistakenly bought an Xbox One from Newegg around the holidays only to find out the Xbox had a no return policy for any reason and they would not honor any price matches. Newegg is another store that once was reputable but I would now stay away from.
UPDATE: I just received cancellation e-mails for several of the TigerDirect through eBay orders that I placed last weekend. They all claim OOS, but I suspect that the new owners probably feel the inventory is worth more than what TD has been liquidating it for.

One item was cancelled, then put on back order, then cancelled again all within an hour.

I have not yet received any refunds.

PCM should be forever banned, too.
I had resolved never to do business with TigerDirect again, but last week I saw a few deals that were too good to pass up. I pulled a few triggers on what seemed to be great deals as the TD products were offered for sale through eBay (which seemed to offer a degree of buyer protection). It's now 5 days a since I placed several orders and none of them seem to have shipped.

TigerDirect has been an abysmal merchant for more than a decade - not honoring rebates; selling old and defective goods; and editing customer reviews of products. They're now in their death throws and it's a shame that sites like DealNews didn't stop listing TigerDirect "deals" before this.

Thanks for finally taking action.
Bravo Dealnews ! for taking the initiative. Bad customer service ? see you later vendor x !
I'm having similar issues with Samsung. It all stems from the rebates they were offering right before Christmas that you posted on Dealnews. I received a $100 rebate in the form of Samsung credit to use on their website. I ordered two items, a charger and a case for my phone. Both items are on backorder for over a month now and they keep pushing the restock date forward. However what puzzles me is that they have BOTH items listed for sale on their website with zero mention to being on backorder. It's really shady IMO.
That's a shame, Tigerdirect and NewEgg were the two 'geeky' stores after egghead (remember that ? ) was purchased by Amazon. NewEgg seems to have gotten better, Tigerdirect not so much

One bad thing about this, especially around holidays, is that by the time they tell you it's out of stock you would have another sale at another seller