All the iPhone 8 Rumors You Need to Know

From 3D features to potential delays, here's what we've heard so far about the "10th Anniversary iPhone."
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This year marks a decade since Apple released the first iPhone. That fact, coupled with the reality that Apple hasn't introduced any major iPhone design changes in years, has lots of people very excited about what 2017 holds for the Silicon Valley tech giant.

Rumors about the so-called "10th Anniversary iPhone" — also unofficially referred to as the iPhone 8 — have been making the rounds for months. Buzz about the device will only build as we move closer to fall, when Apple is expected to announce its latest iPhones.

To help tide you over, here we examine all the latest rumors about Apple's highly anticipated flagship iPhone for 2017.

It'll Have an All-Glass Front

According to BGR, leaked drawings of the upcoming handset recently posted on the Chinese social media site Weibo suggest that Apple is bidding adieu to the iPhone's physical home button, following rival Samsung's lead. The drawings — which purportedly came from a worker at one of Apple's main iPhone manufacturers, Foxconn — indicate that the iPhone 8 will feature an all-glass front, like Samsung's recently introduced Galaxy S8.

The Weibo drawings show no fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, suggesting that the Touch ID sensor will be embedded in the screen.

In a recent report, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted the handset will have "virtual buttons" at the bottom of the screen instead of a physical home button, according to MacRumors. The Weibo drawings, meanwhile, show no fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, suggesting that the Touch ID sensor will be embedded in the screen.

The Display Will Be OLED

All of Apple's smartphones so far have used liquid-crystal displays, but that could be changing. The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed people familiar with Apple's plans, reported in late February that the company is planning to give its iPhone 8 an OLED screen.

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"The technology allows manufacturers to bend screens in ways they couldn't previously, such as by introducing a curve at the edge of the phone as in some Samsung models," the report notes. "Using OLED displays would allow Apple to introduce a phone with a new look to fuel sales."

Say Goodbye to Bezels

As for size, KGI's Kuo recently predicted that the iPhone 8 will be about the same size as the 4.7" iPhone 7, according to 9to5Mac. Reports also indicate that the phone's display will be 5.5" to 5.8", meaning the handset will likely sport a bezel-free design, like the Galaxy S8. This design would allow the phone to have a massive screen while still fitting comfortably in your hand.

The Front Camera May Have 3D-Sensing Tech

The leaked drawings posted to Weibo and obtained by BGR seem to confirm some earlier rumblings about the iPhone 8's camera. The main camera on the back will have two lenses, like the iPhone 7 Plus, BGR reported. Those lenses may sit vertically, instead of horizontally like those on the 7 Plus.

The front-facing camera may be getting 'an advanced 3D depth-sensing feature.' In other words, 3D selfies might be a thing in the future.

Perhaps most exciting, the front-facing camera may be getting "an advanced 3D depth-sensing feature," BGR noted. In other words, 3D selfies might be a thing in the future. This technology may also enable some cool new augmented reality features, along with secure, selfie-based authentication. The latter would let you unlock your phone with your face (and offer peace of mind that someone else won't be able to unlock it with your photo).

The Weibo post also indicates that "the iPhone 8's camera experience will be one of the highlights of the phone, complete with augmented reality features and 3D support," according to BGR.

It Could Get a USB-C Socket

One rumor making the rounds — and that we'd advise you to take with a grain of salt — is that the iPhone 8 will be getting a USB-C port. The WSJ's sources say Apple is planning to ditch its proprietary Lightning connector in favor of a standard USB-C port on the next iPhone.

On the upside, a switch to USB-C would allow for faster charging. On the downside, that means any Lightning accessories you have for your current iPhone, including charging cables and docking stations, wouldn't work with the iPhone 8.

It May Arrive Later Than September

While Apple typically releases its new iPhones in September, we may be waiting a little longer for the iPhone 8. BGR recently noted that the iPhone 8 may not make its debut until "October or even November," if rumors going around are true. However, Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White said the iPhone 8 "delay" should be just a few weeks. That would mean an early October release date.

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Apple is said to be readying two other smartphones for release this fall: a 4.7" iPhone 7s and 5.5" 7s Plus. Those two handsets (which will offer iterative updates to their predecessors) are scheduled to make their debut in September. However, the iPhone 8 could take several weeks longer "due to challenges around the 3D sensing technology," the analyst said, according to BGR. The iPhone 8 is still on track to hit store shelves by the holidays, however.

It Could Cost $1,000

If you're in the market for a bargain smartphone, the iPhone 8 won't be the one for you. Per the WSJ piece, the phone will have a premium price tag of "roughly $1,000." If that's out of your budget, not to worry: The iPhone 7s or 7s Plus won't be as expensive as the 8.

Readers, what features do you hope the iPhone 8 will include? Are you planning to buy the phone when it comes out? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jonathan Yarbrough (DealNews)
I just upgraded to a 7 from a 5, so I'm good for a while. I don't care about upgrading with every version number. I just want something in which the OS will continue to update for at least a few years.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
Normally I'd be itching for the new iPhone, but two years ago I sprung for a much higher storage option with the hopes that it wouldn't "feel old" within two years, and so far it has remained snappy and fresh. I'm trying to break out of the 2-year "upgrade" cycle.
So much insecure Apple hate. Why else the need for ad hominem attacks on Apple users?

I use both OS's on phones and tablets.

I happen to prefer the more elegant and secure (and yes, closed system) Apple stuff but understand how Android users like being able to buy cheaper hardware, get under the hood of the phone, and sometimes add storage via microSD cards.

Unlike typical Android phones, Apple phones aleays get at least 3-5 OS upgrades instead of being at the mercy of the carriers.

And it is exceedingly easy to securely sell an Apple phone (and with a higher residual value) since a data wipe truly is a wipe whilst Android leaves your personal info all over the phone/tablet.

Personal preferences. Legitimately so.
I agree with Bigbrain and jcelt. Nothing new here. All glass screen with no bezel? Just easier for someone to drop and crack the glass. OLED? Really? Thought that was a standard nowadays on phones since Samsung has been rocking OLED since the Galaxy S3. I have to laugh, nothing new here Apple. 3D selfies? Anyone with augmenting software can configure a picture to be 3d which can be had for at least $60 bucks, not $1000, like what you are asking. The price of this new phone will be geared towards Apple suckers and loyalists who will go down sinking with their captain.
There will likely be USB-C, but it will be at the other end of the charging cable (where it plugs into charger cube).
Who cares? I just now moved to a 5 from the 4s. The difference? Absolutely nothing discernible. If you feel the need to go out and buy the newest shiny object to look cool that's everyone's right, but just know you are making very rich companies and people even richer, while us lower and middle class people continue to shell out $500-1000 a year for things most people didn't have 15 years ago or so (I guess you could have said that about cars at some point).
" the Samsung S8" Appears several times in the article. But, of course, because Apple is struggling to come up with original ideas, but the Sheeple will tout the iPhone 8 as innovative and dismiss that its actually just following trends set by SAMSUNG, as per usual.