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Staff Picks: The Best of the Best

When you see a Staff Pick deal, you know someone at Castle DealNews has declared it a particularly noteworthy bargain. So allow us to quickly highlight some of the... um... highlights. (Of what are already highlights. It recurs.)

The Best Museum Week Deals

Repositories of human knowledge. Displays of vast reams of artifacts from cultures and civilizations long lost. A living document of our history as a species, and of our world as a whole. Museums are amazing. But full price admission? Nah, not a chance.

The Best Memorial Day Sales and Deals in 2023

Memorial Day sales are an excellent chance to shop for big-ticket items at deep discounts, but you don't have to wait for Memorial Day weekend for the offers to start. Check out the best ones available right now!

The Best Graduation Deals

Graduation season is upon us, and no matter how many graduation gifts you need to buy this month, we've got plenty of great deals to shop.

The Best National Pet Month Deals

National Pet Month is a grand excuse to treat your furry family members to brand-new toys and their favorite treats throughout May. Check out the best offers on pet supplies available now.

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