Amazon Discount Coupons & Promo Codes for May 2020

Amazon · 3 days ago
$10 via Sub & Save $15
free shipping w/ Prime

After the Subscribe & Save discount, that's around a buck less than you'd pay in local stores. Buy Now at Amazon

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Amazon · 6 days ago
free shipping w/ Prime

That's the best price we could find by $6. Buy Now at Amazon

  • air comfort indicator
  • Model: 01083
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Amazon · 1 wk ago
$7 $9
free shipping via Prime

That's $8 less than you'll get at third party sellers. Buy Now at Amazon

  • 1/4" Speed-Lok connector
  • 6 drill bit sizes
  • magnetic bit holder
  • 7 1" driver bits
  • 7 2" driver bits
  • plastic carrying case
  • Model: 964074
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How to Shop and Save at Amazon with Coupon Codes

Amazon dominates the world of online shopping. The massive retailer started by selling only books, but is now known for offering nearly everything with rapid-fire shipping to your doorstep via Amazon Prime.

Along with endless product selection at competitive prices, Amazon has a huge amount of coupons and special promotions that even seasoned shoppers may find hard to keep up with. To help cut through it all, we’ve compiled a list of ways to locate these extra discounts along with additional shopping tips and resources.

Special Discounts and Promotions

Amazon has an extensive selection of coupons and promotions available at any given time. With their complex website and huge network of third-party sellers (which may provide their own discounts), locating all of these offers isn’t always straightforward.

General discounts that apply to anything across the site shouldn’t be expected. Most are specific to certain products, categories, or sellers. Saving money at Amazon has everything to do with flexibility; for instance, being in the market for a certain item type but open to the exact brand or product.

That said, Amazon does offer occasional general discounts in exchange for first-time actions such as signing up for the app, adding an Amazon Cash credit, reloading an Amazon gift card, or certain gift card purchases.

Amazon Coupons

There are two types of coupons available at Amazon: clip coupons and coupon codes. Amazon maintains a page with all available clip coupons that you can search or browse by category, such as grocery coupons . These coupons also display under the price on product pages and in the car