7 Games to Get You Through Spring Break


Just yesterday it was February, and now suddenly spring break will be here before you know it. Which is great in theory, but somehow filling all those empty days always turns into a challenge by the end.

Good Guy Origin wants to help, though, by taking up to 75% off select Windows and Mac game downloads during its EA Publisher Sale. We've rounded up seven titles you can download now so you're ready for spring break.

7 Games to Get You Through Spring Break

Create a Creature

Spore for Windows and Mac for $9.99 (a low by $10)

Spore allows you to design and develop your own species, which provides nearly infinite replay value. Watching your creation grown from a single microbe into a civilization exploring space will make you feel like you've really accomplished something during your time off.

Go Dark

Alice: Madness Returns for Windows for $4.99 (a low by $12)

Alice in Wonderland always carries its own brand of psychological horror, but this game (a sequel to 2000's American McGee's Alice) amps it up. Wonderland here is a hallucination related to Alice's dark past, which is perfect if you're looking for an alternative to typical sunny spring break fare.

Fight on Endor

Star Wars: Battlefront for Windows for $9.99 (a low by $13)

We're not due for a new Star Wars movie until December, and there just aren't enough old ones to fill up a whole week. Luckily, you can pass the remaining time with this action shooter.

Play with Friends

Syndicate for Windows for $9.99 (a low by $10)

If playing with a team of people is your fav, give League of Legends a break and try out the cooperative multiplayer mode on this cyberpunk first-person shooter. Tactical missions will be a nice change from the battle arena.

Unwind with Puzzles

Unravel for Windows for $4.99 (a low by $15)

Unravel is a platformer where your character is literally part of the action, as his unraveling body is the mechanic by which you solve puzzles. Contemplating physics will definitely keep you sharp, but you won't feel like you've spent your break studying.

Stick with a Classic

Mass Effect for Windows for $3.74 (a low by $16)

The Mass Effect franchise has spawned comics, movies, and rides. Go back to the beginning with this futuristic RPG shooter. It's a straightforward, quality gaming experience.

Take a Fantasy Vacation

Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for Windows for $7.49 (a low by $23)

You can't actually visit Westeros or Middle Earth, but Dragon Age takes place in a similar world. Also, epic battles are just as exciting when they're digital, and far safer.

Readers, what's your all-time favorite game? Will you be downloading anything new during Origin's EA Publisher Sale? Let us know in the comments!

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1 comment
I currently play a lot of Overwatch, and it is not really a cheap game to buy.

On top of the cost, they regularly make decisions for low skill heros to dominate the game, when you have practiced skills for high skill heros... and they make automatic turrets controlled by the AI some of the tougher things to beat, so it feel like you lose not to another player but to the computer regularly...

Aside from that i still put a fair amount of time into the game. I think it's popularity is on the decline, so it might be better to spring for other cheaper games.