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Spring cleaning season is upon us, and let's be real — all that scrubbing and decluttering is kind of a drag. But it doesn't have to be! You can focus that organizing energy on your closet and end up with a zen, functional space worthy of Instagram.

To help out, The Container Store is cutting 15% off select items during its Closet Essentials Sale, until May 14. (Prices are as marked.) Opt for in-store pickup to avoid shipping fees, which start at $8.95. (You can also spend $75 or more to bag free shipping, although oversized items may incur additional fees.) Here are 12 items for your #closetgoals.

12 Finds to Make Your Closet Insta-Worthy

Shoe Stacks

The Container Store Our Tall Shoe Boxes 20-Pack for $67.83 ($12 off)

Shoe storage has been a issue for far too long, but no more. These boxes allow you to make tidy stacks (even of heels and booties!), but since they're clear, you'll have no trouble finding what you're looking for.

Boots' BFF

The Container Store 5-Pair Hanging Boot Butler for $58.65 ($10 off)

Tall boots are tricky not only because they take up a lot of space, but also because they tend to slouch sadly over and develop creases if you're not careful how you store them. This genius hanging contraption solves both of those problems.

Get Your Tights Right

The Container Store StoxBox Hosiery Organizer for $5.94 ($1 off)

Did you even know it was possible to keep your tights neatly organized, with the patterns on display? This is a life-changing discovery.

Perfect Pairs

The Container Store Acrylic Earring Organizer for $5.09 ($1 off)

Lost mates and missing backs are history when you keep your earrings on a stand. Plus, it's pretty enough to double as decoration.

Bags at the Ready

The Container Store Chrome Metal Tote Hangers 6-Pack for $8.49 ($2 off)

Keep your bags off the floor and ready to grab with these handy hooks. Because you can't carry a purse that you can't find.

Happy Hanging

The Container Store 5-Bar Accessory Roll for $12.74 ($2 off)

This hanger is ideal for scarves, ties, belts, and other such accessories. Seriously, its slim profile and impressive capacity are hard to beat.

All the Accessories

The Container Store Elfa Utility Mesh Closet Door & Wall Rack Solution for $115.46 ($20 off)

Still feeling like you need more accessory storage? This should do it. It features boards, hooks, and baskets to hold everything, and it makes the most of your space by hanging right on the door.

Boxing Day

The Container Store Purse Storage Bin for $16.99 ($3 off)

No matter how masterfully your craft your clothing storage area, you'll probably need at least a few bins or boxes. Convenient labels are built right onto these, so items can be out of sight, but not out of mind.

Short Story

The Container Store 2-Step Wooden Folding Stool for $46.75 ($8 off)

If you're already tall enough to reach your top shelves, keep scrolling. If you typically avoid using that storage space because it's a hassle to get to, consider this compact but sturdy stool to aid you in your quest for closet perfection.

Clearly Necessary

The Container Store Clear Shelf Divider for $8.49 ($2 off)

For sheer visual appeal, clear shelf dividers are practically impossible to top. Sweaters will be kept in flawless stacks with minimal effort, and you even get a bonus hanging hook.

Professionally Picked

The Container Store Closet Starter Kit for $185.90 ($33 off)

If you're overwhelmed by even preparing to get your closet under control, this pre-selected kit will calm your anxiety. Knowing where to begin may be your biggest hurdle, and there's no shame in removing it.

Attractive Overflow

The Container Store Industrial Pipe Clothes Rack for $84.15 ($15 off)

Despite your best efforts, your closet may not be enough to accommodate all your sartorial splendor. Some people are just bursting with fashion! If you find yourself in such a predicament, this handy rack will take on the extra so there's room to breathe.

Readers, what do you find most challenging about getting organized? Did you find anything else to help at The Container Store? Let us know in the comments!

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