The Best Inventory Management Software for Amazon Sellers: 6 Top Tools to Consider

If your SKU numbers have begun to outpace your typing fingers, there is some very useful software on the market that might just help you.
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If you're asking yourself whether inventory management software for Amazon sellers will help your business, you might already have your answer. After all, if you're able to easily track and reorder your Amazon inventory already, you probably don't need to change a thing. An Excel spreadsheet can go a long way!

It's also possible you simply don't trust artificial intelligence — maybe you aren't sure it can successfully reorder your inventory based on the velocity numbers you provide. Or maybe you worry that outsourcing important data to a software system will eventually prove unreliable or even disastrous.

But now, with bar codes and radio-frequency identification, you can reduce the time it has previously taken to track your inventory. If your stock-keeping-unit numbers have begun to outpace your typing fingers, there is some very useful software on the market that might just help you organize your business so it can grow.

Here are our six favorite options for Amazon inventory management software.

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The Best Inventory Management Software for Amazon Sellers


With plans that start at $0 per month, Sellbrite not only offers inventory management solutions that are useful, but they're also one of the more affordable companies on the market. (Note that the free plan only tracks up to 30 orders per month.) They're geared toward small- to medium-sized businesses who want to add or expand inventory.

With plans that start at $0 per month, Sellbrite is one of the more affordable companies offering Amazon inventory software.

Sellbrite also helps retailers with their online presence. Their software even tracks returns, something many of their competitors' software products don't do. Add to that SEO, catalogue and channel management, as well as data synchronization, and Sellbrite just might be the answer to some prayers you didn't even know you had.


Teikametrics wants you to think they're all about driving growth to any e-commerce business selling on the Amazon Marketplace. Using an AI tool they call Flywheel, Teikametrics can help you optimize bids, monitor your ads, and also track your inventory. You can also personalize programs by using their software to plot out your goals.

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Even better, they give you a 30-day trial to figure out how to best incorporate their many varied services into your existing business model. Prices start at $59 a month.

Listing Mirror

With a focus on e-commerce and supply chain businesses, Listing Mirror integrates product management with third-party websites. Their packages come in at one of the higher starting price points, at $69 a month. Listing Mirror is also relatively new to the marketplace, which can be worrisome given the rate at which startups fail.

Listing Mirror's ratings are consistently five stars.

But Listing Mirror's ratings are consistently five stars, even if they have fewer reviews than many of their competitors. They simply haven't been around long enough. But you can bet the technology and practical assistance they offer is cutting edge.


Veeqo wants to be known for its inventory management features. And they offer a lot of ways to help with inventory: control, automation, forecasting, reporting, and management. They even have an app. With this Amazon inventory software, you can sync your inventory in real time. And they say they'll get you access to the lowest U.S. Postal Service shipping rates.

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After a 14-day trial period, their lowest package starts at $156 a month. They're also open to custom pricing options, if you're the kind of Amazon seller who knows exactly what you want.


SellerSprite is a China-based brand (formerly known as Seller Spirit) that is relatively new to the U.S. market. It offers a standard plan that runs $98 a month; they'll track up to 100 products for you at that price. (There is also a free plan, but it tracks zero products.) For some sellers, it might also be helpful to know that Amazon MWS info is reportedly not required in order to use SellerSprite's software.

Amazon MWS info is reportedly not required to use SellerSprite's software.

On the downside, this is a company still ironing out some of its kinks — for example, some of the English on their website isn't translated well. But they work with eight marketplaces: the U.S., Japan, U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Canada, and Spain. This software is worth considering if your company plans to grow internationally.

QuickBooks Commerce

QuickBooks Commerce (formerly TradeGecko) uses an AI tool called Automation to organize and automate the repetitive work of inventory management. It will help you customize your workflow, so things you used to do manually now happen while you're busy doing other things. They'll even send Slack notifications to customers and staff. And they can help to automate your supply chain.

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This Amazon inventory management software is especially useful for sellers with multiple warehouses, so you'll instantly know when inventory is low. Their most basic package will only run you $39 a month, but that only covers 10 sales orders or less. It's cheap, but maybe not too practical for a company hoping for meaningful growth. Their pricier packages, on the other hand, are much more comprehensive.

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