eBay Was Hacked: Change Your Password! (And Let's All Quit the Internet Now)

If you're an eBay user that somehow managed to avoid Target and Heartbleed, your luck just ran out.
eBay hack

As if we needed any more proof that 2014 will go down as the year of the hack; the massively popular online auction site eBay just became the latest hacking victim. "The e-commerce site confirmed Wednesday that its corporate network was hacked and a database with users' passwords was compromised," CNET reported. "While eBay says there is no evidence that users' financial information was accessed in the hack, the company is telling all users to change their passwords."

The good news is that, although eBay owns the online payment service PayPal, it looks like PayPal wasn't breeched. "PayPal data is stored separately on a secure network, and all PayPal financial information is encrypted," CNET explained.

While your financial data may not immediately be at risk, it's worth noting that hackers reportedly had access to other valuable information, such as eBay users' names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth. To insulate yourself from further damage, it's recommended that you audit and update all of your passwords after a known hack.

With yet another hack, are you more cautious about shopping online? Let us know in the comments.

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I have a eBay business account and never heard a word from eBay at all !

Thank's for taking care of me eBay !
@ dealnews-Lindsay That's true, I forgot about that. It was more of a damage control technique of addressing the issue after the whole world was alerted & already out for blood. I forgot how fast & quick the information on that spread. I wonder how much attention Ebay is waiting for this to get before they formally address our inboxes?
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@illkitty To be fair, Target took awhile to formerly acknowledge the hack to customers, and they got a lot of flack for it. They only admitted to it once a blog post about it went viral and got a lot of media pickup.
I agree with blackOfriday. There should be some responsibility taken by eBay by contacting us. Now I need to sweep through everything I log into, to make sure everything is safe. Thanks eBay ... at least Target understood the need to inform us.
I just cancelled my home internet. Thanks for the idea. Now I can go back to life as it was in 1995. Screw you, cable co's!
wow really? ebay did have a posting this morning across ebay and paypal about this, so its interesting to see its down now. as for daem0n, google doesnt own ebay, get your facts straight. http://www.engadget.com/...paypal-password-notice/
I haven't used ebay in quite a long time so i was surprised to see this as news, i figured they would have been hacked a while back now.
3:01 PM EST. No notification email from eBay. No message or home page message on eBay.com. Very disappointing.
Kyungone. Target was a diff. kind of breach, but yes. *sigh*
And ebay is owned by Google, so technically Yes to your question of What's next, lol
target then ebay.... what's next...? Google???
Eh, that's life on the internet today. I went out, changed it, done. Thanks to DealNews for letting us know.
10-4 on blueangel1213's kudos to deal news for pointing this out.
BTW: I changed my ebay password (as I do when I change any website password, which I do periodically) by telling the site that I had forgotten my password. Sugget you do not login to change your password, but use the "I forgot my password" method.
I received this alert at 11:42 am EST 5/21/14 from dealnews by email and had been warned by my son, who heard it on the radio, an hour and a half prior to reading it here. I have been buying and selling on eBay for the past 11 years. Interestingly enough, my business partner and I manage 2 active eBay accounts and we our Top Rated Plus Power Sellers on both accounts. It is now noon and eBay has just now posted the warning in their "Announcements" to warn users. Better late than never I guess, but thank you dealnews! You don't make 10% on everything I sell, but at least you let me know what's going on that could have a major impact on my life!