dealnews FragFest 2007: Winners announced

Thanks to all of the entries we received for an invitation to our Call of Duty 4 tournament — you guys really love us... or hate us... or love to hate us... We've chosen the six readers we're going to lay ste smack down upon ... er ... play against; here's some of the highlights from those entries:
  • "Should you accept this challenge, by the time we get finished, you'll be so ashamed of your score that you'll be standing in a red polka dot dress on the street corner, earning me money as penance." - Samuel K.

  • "Ever since I was hooked on your website, I've been losing money every week. Sure, you post deals on things, but you never warned me about how addictive deal shopping would be. Every week I buy something that I see on your site. Every week! Multiple times a week! You guys have cost me so much money in the past few years that I just want to destroy you and blow you into shreds with a grenade." - Andy

  • "Personally, I don't want to beat you guys physically, emotionally, and/or intellectually. 'Cause quite frankly I love you guys. But being able to grab a gun and dive into a world where you guys might not be as "up to speed" as you are in real life might be rewarding for me." - Jeremy P.

and our personal favorite (and a player after our own hearts);

  • "At 40, my ability to keep up with the kill-to-death ratio is seriously marred by inability to keep up with the beers-per-match ratio." - Andrew S.

We'll report back next week on the outcome; hopefully we'll have some video to help illustrate our gaming acumen — or lack o theirs.

Now, please excuse us, as we have to go find a good deal on a can opener for the event. (We'll be opening many a can of whoopass, after all.) OOH! SNAP!

In the mean time, enjoy this classic "Public Service Announcement" on smacktalking. (Warning: The views and opinions expressed in this video are not those of dealnews, just a majority of its employees.)

dealnews staff

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