8 Self-Care Strategies to Help Cope With Social Distancing

Hanging out at home doesn't have to be boring! Turn social distancing into a staycation with these activities.
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In the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are staying home more often. If you're following health officials' guidance to "socially distance" yourself, efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 might leave you kind of... bored.

We're here to help! Read on for eight self-care activities that can help you cope with social distancing.

What Is Social Distancing?

The CDC guidance on COVID-19 describes social distancing as "keeping a safe space between yourself and other people who are not from your household," adding that "to practice social or physical distancing, stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arm lengths) from other people who are not from your household in both indoor and outdoor spaces."

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We're seeing social distancing measures still being practiced, as many conferences and concerts have been moved online, and employees are being told to work from home. A number of businesses made their online services easier — or even free — to access in order to accommodate these unique circumstances last year, but some of those offers may be done now.

8 Self-Care Strategies to Help Cope With Social Distancing

If you find yourself an unintentional homebody, try to make lemonade from lemons. This can be your opportunity to (finally!) prioritize self-care. Savor the relative solitude and take care of you. Here is a list of self-care activities you may want to try:

  1. Organize (or reorganize) your living space to make it a relaxing haven.
  2. Put on a moisturizing face mask and dive into a book that's been on your "to be read" list.
  3. Get your feet sandal-ready with a DIY pedicure.
  4. Binge-watch that Netflix or Hulu series you've been hearing about.
  5. Tackle a complicated cake recipe, or make a bunch of dinners you can freeze for later. Leisurely cook all day, glass of wine in hand.
  6. Devote quality time to a hobby you've put on hold. Change your car's motor oil, or try your hand at home-brewed beer.
  7. Been meaning to start a new workout regimen? Take up yoga!
  8. Finally set up all those smart home routines you've been dying to try.

Social Distancing Tips for Parents

Some folks can turn the coronavirus outbreak into a staycation. But if you're a parent, you may find that you're suddenly unable to socially distance yourself from your children.

Many school districts have transitioned to virtual instruction for the foreseeable future, while others are opting to return to in-person schooling, but on a staggered schedule. Either way, the odds are high that your children are still home more now than in a normal year.

Break out the board games, Play-Doh, LEGOs, sketchbooks, and puzzles!

Be sure your children (and you) have lots of activities on hand to pass the time enjoyably. Set your family up with games and art supplies that will keep everyone entertained for long periods of time. Break out the board games, Play-Doh, LEGOs, sketchbooks, and puzzles!

If you live in an area where it's starting to feel like spring, chase everyone out into the yard to play. Let the kids doodle on the driveway with sidewalk chalk, while you map out this year's vegetable garden.

Whenever boredom sets in and tempers get short, encourage your household to stay positive. Use this time to clear your head, find some peace, and reconnect with those sharing your home. Remember: Taking social distancing precautions isn't easy, but it's in the best interest of you and your family.

Readers, how is your household (still) coping with social distancing? What at-home activities help you stave off boredom and stay positive? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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