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Black Friday Predictions 2014: Our Methodology

The DealNews Black Friday Predictions come chock-full of information that will help you prepare for the shopping holiday. But you may be wondering where exactly all the price estimations and data points come from. Everything is in fact informed by up to three years of historical data based on deals listed on DealNews.

Apple Price Policies: How the Brand Maintains Popularity and Profit Margins

It's common knowledge that Apple products aren't cheap, but how exactly does the brand keep such a strong hold on pricing? Inside, we detail Apple's sales methodology, which even explains the few deals that are offered, as well as the atypical fire sales we've seen recently on the iPhone 5.

The Best Time to Buy CES 2013 Electronics: Wait at Least a Month

The Consumer Electronics Show may be coming to a close, but for us, the deal season is just beginning. We combed through our archives of 2012 CES product deals to see how long consumers must wait before 2013's CES electronics go on sale.

Black Friday Week Accounted for 46% of Holiday Electronics Sales

A recent report indicates that the two weeks that include Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday accounted for 46% of all holiday electronics sales last year, as shoppers were largely motivated by deals. However, thrifty gadget fans needn't be glum waiting until the next Black Friday, since a new round of price cuts are on the way.

11 Things That Will Be Cheaper in 2013

To help ring in the new year on a positive note, we've highlighted 11 items that will be cheaper in 2013. From streaming video services to mobile shopping, inside are our predictions on what will cost less in the coming year.

The Year in Consumer News: The Best and Worst of 2012

It was a crazy year for consumers. We got not just one, but three new iPads, a new iPhone, tablets galore, and all kinds of other goodies. So, come, take a trip down consumer news lane with us as we investigate The Year In Consumer News 2012.

Brand-Name HDTVs Will See Black Friday Prices by the End of the Year

While most HDTVs on sale during Black Friday don't last long, our research shows that the same deep discounts on big-brand names are beginning to crop up again. If you hold your horses remote and wait it out, you'll see those same deep discounts return. But how long should you wait?

Notoriously Slow Shippers: Avoid These Stores for Last-Minute Gifts

Shopping online can make buying gifts for the holidays much easier, but it also requires some advance planning to account for shipping times. As we near Christmas, you should start taking into consideration the potential risks that come along with online shopping for the holidays. Inside, we've got a list of stores to avoid if you're looking for a 100% risk-free Christmas purchase.

Retailers Combat Holiday Discounting with Exclusive Merchandise

Bargain seekers who love to price check the items they purchase, beware: some of the season's hottest gifts this year will be exclusive to certain retailers, which will complicate price comparisons.

Black Friday 2012 Cheers & Jeers: Friday Surpasses Thanksgiving for Deals

Another Black Friday is in the books, and while you have another day of good deal-shopping ahead of you on this lovely Cyber Monday, it's time to assess the deals we've seen so far. Who served consumers well, and who stumbled? Read the sixth annual dealnews awards for the best and worst of Black Friday to find out!

Best Black Friday Apparel Deals: BOGO Sale at Ecko Unlimited, $3 Shirts at JCP

Before you resign yourself to buying fuzzy toe socks for everyone on your holiday list, take a look through the best Black Friday apparel deals. You'll find the best combo discount from Ecko Unlimited, shirts at JCPenney from $3, and more. But act fast, as these Editors' Choice deals won't be around for long!

Watch Out for Black Friday Filler Deals

Although we often gush about Black Friday deals, it's important to note that some offers this week won't be worth your time. In fact, we might have seen some of them for cheaper in the months prior. We refer to these promotions as "filler deals," and here are some ways to avoid them.

The Final Black Friday Ads Roundup: Electronics, Toys, Appliances, Clothes

We're finally in the throes of Black Friday week, which means it's time for our final roundup of the best Black Friday ads. We've done our best to sort through the myriad offers that have flooded the internet over the last few weeks, putting all the projected promos through a rigorous dealnews screening. Read on for the best ads for electronics, appliances, apparel, video games, and toys.

Final Roundup of the Best Black Friday Laptop Ads

Laptops are among the hottest items of the holiday season, so we devoted an entire final ad roundup to the popular portable computing category. Thus far, we've seen Black Friday laptop deals that meet three out of four of our laptops predictions, including a dual-core budget system for $179.

Final Roundup of the Best Black Friday HDTV Ads

If you're on the prowl for a new HDTV, you've come to the right place. We've updated our roundup of the best Black Friday HDTV ads, with deals from retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. Unfortunately, 3D deals were scarce, but we found a 50" 1080p HDTV for $298, a 32" set for $97, and a brand-name 40" model for $180 to help you forget about it.

Updated: The Best of the Black Friday Electronics Ads So Far

By now we've seen the leaks, analyzed the circulars, and highlighted the best Black Friday laptops, HDTVs, and toys. But what about the small electronics, like tablets, smartphones, cameras, and MP3 players? Inside we've compiled a master list of the best Black Friday deals on electronics, which includes the hottest Android smartphone of the year for just a buck.

A Q&A with Kyle Wiens of iFixit: "The MacBook Pro Retina Is Designed to Fail"

While most folks go to great lengths to not break their prized electronics, the folks at iFixit have made a name for themselves doing exactly that. Yet Kyle Wiens and his geeky team of semiconductor surgeons have more in mind than simply exploring the innards of smartphones and computers.

Updated: The Best of the Black Friday Gaming and Toy Ads So Far

No holiday shopping list is complete without the season's hottest toys and video games. And while Black Friday doesn't always offer the best prices on toys, there are still a handful of Editors' Choice deals to be had. We've rounded up the toy and video game highlights thus far, including best-of-the-year sales for Fisher-Price, Thomas the Tank Engine, Hot Wheels, and more.

More People Check-in to Black Friday Sales at 2 pm Than Early in the Morning

Ever wonder when you'll encounter the biggest crowds at stores on Black Friday? According to Foursquare data, more people visit stores in the early afternoon than they do in the morning. But will that hold true for 2012, since many retailers will open around 8 pm on Thanksgiving?

Are Google's New Indoor Maps Good for Black Friday Shopping?

Google has updated its Maps app for Android to include indoor maps of select malls, stores, and other locations. Will this extra layer of information help during your Black Friday and holiday shopping trips? You bet!

Price Matching Policies for Black Friday 2012

One of the most underutilized ways consumers can save money is by taking advantage of stores' price matching policies, and in an age when every penny counts there's no excuse for ignoring this valuable tool. It's important to know exactly which retailers offers what and equally important to know which merchants don't offer anything at all.

How Donald Trump May Ruin Macy's Black Friday Sale

A few weeks ago, 32% of our readers said they wouldn't shop at Macy's this year for Black Friday, based on past experiences. This week, a petition is circulating that demands Macy's cease its relationship with Donald Trump, after the real estate developer criticized Barack Obama via Twitter. Could the Trump association be the final straw for those who are hesitant to give their business to Macy's? And will the retailer's Black Friday sales suffer?

The Best of the Black Friday Apparel Ads So Far

Black Friday isn't just about deals on high-tech gadgets. There's a plethora of bargains on men's and women's apparel as well. If you're looking to update your wardrobe this holiday season, be sure to be on the lookout for the very best Black Friday apparel deals.

Retailer Apps Locate In-Store Black Friday Deals via Interactive Maps

Macy's and Walmart are bringing something new to the Black Friday party that we've never seen before: In-store mapping via their mobile apps. The service is akin to what you'd find at an information booth, but now that time-saving data is available in the palm of your hand — and it could make your Black Friday excursion much more efficient.

Will You Purchase a Best Buy Black Friday Deal This Year?

This year, Best Buy's Black Friday ad promises quite a few doorbusters that will likely draw in consumers both in-store and online. But will the debacle of the retailer's cancelled Christmas orders stop consumers from shopping again this year?

What to Buy on Cyber Monday: Deals on Soft Goods Increase 27%

By now, most savvy shoppers realize that there's no truth to the misconception that you should shop in-store on Black Friday and wait until Cyber Monday for online deals. But if online offers are available throughout the entire weekend, what makes Cyber Monday different? Are there certain items that see better deals if you wait? We rummaged through our archives from last year to find out.

Retailers Are Already Warning Shoppers About Christmas Shipping Deadlines

Think the Black Friday hype started way too early this year? Consider the fact that Christmas, still six weeks away, has been marketed to consumers since mid-October. And while we're used to the usual premature Christmas ads, many stores have already begun mentioning shipping deadlines in your shopping cart "Christmas creep," it seems, has infiltrated checkout.

Smoke, Fry, Roast, or Grill: Different Ways to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Every Thanksgiving, families nationwide assemble around the table waiting for the most honored guest: the turkey. And every year it's a delicious meal, albeit not exactly the same; there are, after all, several ways to cook a turkey! Inside are our favorite methods to prepare and cook the Thanksgiving Day bird, and the tools required to do so. And with the big day just over a week away, now's the time to test out a new technique or two.

Analyzing the Black Friday Ads: Target Offers TVs, Apple Products, Electronics

The entirety of Target's Black Friday ad has leaked. Inside, we dissect some of the more notable deals that you might see if you choose to wait in line early in the morning.

10 Ways to Make the Most of Black Friday

While every day is like Black Friday here at dealnews, when the real thing comes around, we get extra bargain-happy. However, the entire weekend may seem stressful to some shoppers, so we suggest you arm yourself with these 10 tips to make the most of Black Friday.

Stores Offer Black Friday Previews and Early Access in Exchange for Loyalty

A new trend has emerged for this year's shopping season: stores will dangle early access to Black Friday sales, in exchange for loyalty program registration. Already, Lowe's, Sears, and Target have pushed "sneak peeks," promising either a preview of the store's Black Friday ad, or actual advance access to the deals themselves. But are any of these promotions worth it?

Analyzing the 2012 Black Friday Ads: Walmart Promises You'll Get a Doorbuster

Among the more anticipated Black Friday ads is the one from Walmart, and it just hit the Internet. For a rundown on which deals are noteworthy (or notorious), as well as details on Walmart's unusual doorbuster guarantee, read on!