How to Get the Best Mother's Day Gifts in 2019

When is Mother's Day this year? Yikes, it's Sunday, May 12! Don't worry, you still have time to find cheap Mother's Day gifts. Check out our guide for the gift ideas you need NOW.

The Next Virginia Tax Free Weekend Starts Soon

Virginia residents can shop the state's tax holiday in early August and pay no sales tax on clothing, footwear, and even Energy Star items. Check out our guide to Virginia's tax free weekend for everything you need to know.

The Next Arkansas Tax Free Weekend Is THIS Saturday

Arkansas residents can shop tax free this weekend, when the state offers exemptions on clothing, select accessories, and various school supplies (including art supplies and instructional materials). Check out our guide to the Arkansas tax holiday.

The Next New Mexico Tax Free Weekend Is Just Days Away!

Parents, rejoice! New Mexico's tax holiday offers exemptions on lots of back-to-school gear, including laptops, school supplies, and apparel. Learn more about New Mexico's tax free weekend with our handy guide.

The Next Missouri Tax Free Weekend Is Just Days Away!

Missouri actually has two tax holidays, with one in April and one in August. Check out the details on both in our Missouri tax free weekend guide.

The Next Ohio Tax Free Weekend Begins Friday!

The first weekend of August will be a good time for Buckeye shoppers, as Ohio is hosting a tax holiday on a few different shopping categories. Check out the details in our guide to Ohio's tax free weekend.

The Next South Carolina Tax Free Weekend Is Coming

The Palmetto State's sales tax holiday is a great time to stock up on apparel, school supplies, and bath linens. Read our guide to South Carolina's tax free weekend to find out more details.

The Next Oklahoma Tax Free Weekend Is Almost Here

Oklahoma will have a tax holiday in early August, giving locals the opportunity to buy clothes and footwear without paying sales tax. You can prep for this tax free weekend with our helpful tips.

The Next Florida Tax Free Weekend Is Upon Us

Florida residents will have five days to stock up for the 2019/2020 school year. Tax exempt items include school supplies, clothing, and computers.Read our Florida tax free weekend guide to get the details.

The Next Iowa Tax Free Weekend Begins Soon!

If you're an Iowa resident looking to save money on clothes and footwear, be sure to take advantage of the state's tax holiday in early August. Check out our Iowa tax free weekend guide to know what to expect.

When Is the Next Wisconsin Tax Free Weekend?

Will Wisconsin have a tax holiday in 2019? We reached out to the state's Department of Revenue about its plans. Get up-to-date details on the Wisconsin tax free weekend with our handy guide.

National Pretzel Day Is TODAY! Here's Where to Get Free Pretzels

National Pretzel Day is here! Check out all the places you can get free and discounted treats today.

The Next Mississippi Tax Free Weekend Is Almost Here!

If you live in Mississippi, plan on buying new clothes and school supplies during the state's upcoming sales tax holiday. Find out more in our Mississippi tax free weekend guide.

The Next Massachusetts Tax Free Weekend Begins Soon!

The Massachusetts tax free weekend is nearly here, and its free-for-all approach to exemptions makes it one of the better tax holidays to shop. Read on to learn all about this Bay State savings opportunity.

The Next Texas Tax Free Weekend Starts Soon!

Texas has a sales tax holiday in early August, and you can save if you pay attention to the restrictions. See our Texas tax free weekend guide to learn more.

The Next Maryland Tax Free Weekend Is Almost Here

Maryland's sales tax holiday goes beyond a weekend, giving the state's residents a full week of tax free shopping. Find out more about this summer event from our helpful guide.

When Is the Next Alabama Tax Free Weekend?

Alabama actually has two tax holidays — one in July and one in February. Check out the details on both in our Alabama tax free weekend guide.

The Next Tennessee Tax Free Weekend Is Almost Here!

Need new clothes or school supplies? How about a new computer? If you live in Tennessee, the state's annual tax free weekend is a great time to shop. Check out our guide for further details.

The Next Connecticut Tax Free Weekend Starts on Sunday

Connecticut's sales tax holiday lasts longer than a weekend — it actually goes for a full week! You can make the most of it by checking out our Connecticut tax free shopping guide.

8 Things to Buy in May: Star Wars Merch Will Be 80% Off!

May is a big month for holidays, and with them comes a variety of deals and discounts. So check out our guide on what to buy in May, whether you're looking for free comic books, Star Wars gear, or a new mattress.

The Best Earth Day Freebies to Get TODAY

Earth Day was first observed in 1970 and falls on April 22. Check out our list of confirmed Earth Day deals and freebies for 2019, then treat yourself for being eco-conscious this year.

The Best Tax Day Freebies to Get TODAY

Tax Day is today, and if you've already filed your Form 1040 — or even if you haven't — you can treat yourself with freebies. Check out all the Tax Day deals you can find today.

Should You Join Amazon Prime? Here's Everything You Need to Know

We've taken a deep dive into the world of Amazon to help you decide whether Prime is right for you. Check out all our guides to setting up Amazon Prime, using Amazon shipping services, contacting Amazon customer service, and more.

All Your Amazon Questions, Answered

Many shoppers turn to Amazon for everything from electronics to groceries. But the site can be difficult to navigate. To help you sort through it all, we're answering all your questions about Amazon.

28 Amazon Prime Benefits You Should Be Using

If you're on the fence about signing up for an Amazon Prime membership, maybe seeing all the benefits will change your mind. Check out our guide to all the Amazon Prime perks you can get.

Will Amazon Trade-In Give You a Fair Price?

While it doesn't always pay the highest rates, Amazon is a solid option for selling your unwanted electronics, video games, or other goods. Read on for everything you need to know about the Amazon Trade-In program.

What Is Amazon Prime Reading?

Amazon Prime isn't just about shipping benefits anymore. These days it offers members a variety of perks, including one that's perfect for bookworms: Amazon Prime Reading.

Amazon Prime Day Continues TODAY! Here's What to Expect

Amazon Prime Day is finally here, deal seekers! There's a ton of offers to sort through, but we've rounded up some of the best Prime Day deals to get you started.

How to Get Free Shipping on Amazon

If you're not interested in paying for shipping at Amazon, and you're not interested in paying for Prime, then this guide is for you.

Amazon Did Away With Add-On Items

Most shoppers have stumbled across a product labeled "Add-on item" on Amazon, but that worry is gone now. The online retailer officially ended the add-on items program.

You Can't Sell Your Textbooks Back to Amazon Anymore

Selling a textbook for a fair price can be tricky. Unfortunately, Amazon isn't buying textbooks anymore.

Is Amazon Customer Service Ever Helpful?

Shopping at Amazon is usually a smooth experience, but you're bound to run into the occasional lost package or service issue. Here's everything you need to know about Amazon customer service.

Amazon Has Ended Its Giveaways Program

Did you know that America's biggest online retailer also used to play host to tons of giveaways every day? Unfortunately, that program has now ended. Here's everything you need to know about Amazon Giveaways.

How Do I Find Amazon Coupons?

It's hard to beat Amazon's prices and perks, especially if you're a Prime member. But there are even more ways to save at Amazon — if you know where to look. Here's how you can find Amazon coupons right now.

Can You Share Amazon Prime?

Though Amazon's Prime program has a number of benefits, not everyone can — or wants to — pay for it. If you're feeling generous, you can definitely share some Prime perks. Just know that doing so comes with a few caveats.

Yikes! What to Do When Your Amazon Package Is Missing

Now that Amazon packages are trackable to within minutes of delivery, one lost parcel can seem like a mystery worthy of a podcast. Before you freak out, check out our guide for what to do when your Amazon package never arrives.

How to Set Up Your Amazon Household

These days, forming an Amazon Household is the easiest way to share Amazon Prime with your family. Learn all about the program with our complete guide to setting up your Household.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime in Just 9 Steps

If you decide to quit Amazon Prime, you've got your work cut out. That's why we put together this quick guide on how to cancel Prime in just seven easy steps.

Never Run Out of Toilet Paper Again! How to Use Amazon Pantry

Amazon has plenty of programs meant to make your shopping easier. One of those is Amazon Pantry, but this service comes with a laundry list of rules and restrictions.

The Expert Guide to Buying Amazon Lightning Deals

Love getting excellent deals on Amazon? One place you'll want to check consistently is the Today's Deals section, where the Lightning Deals live. Check out our guide to Amazon Lightning Deals.

What Is Amazon Prime Now?

Prime Now is great for when you need groceries delivered super fast. To learn if it's available in your area, check out our Prime Now guide.

Your Complete Guide to Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video allows members to watch a ton of movies, TV shows, and original content at no additional cost, helping you cut the cable cord. Read on for our complete guide to Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Music vs. Other Streaming Services: How Do They Compare?

One of the nicest perks Amazon Prime offers is access to a ton of music. Peruse our guide to Prime Music to see what you can expect from the service, as well as other streaming options for music enthusiasts.

7 Ways to Score Deals on Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime typically costs at $12.99 a month or $119 a year, but you can get the service for less. We've got you covered with our tips for securing an Amazon Prime membership discount.

5 Ways to Get Free Amazon Prime (at Least for Awhile)

If you're still on the fence about Amazon Prime, consider testing it out at no cost. Our guide on how to get Amazon Prime for free looks at all the trial options, plus other free ways to get the service.

How Much Is Amazon Prime?

You'll pay $119 a year for a standard Prime plan, but Amazon also offers discounted rates for qualified shoppers. Check out our Amazon Prime price guide to learn more.

Amazon Prime Shipping Is the Perk We Love to Hate

Amazon Prime's original perk, free 2-day shipping, remains a well-loved benefit. So why do members have a love-hate relationship with Prime shipping?

Your Guide to Getting Free Stuff on Amazon

Do you love getting free stuff? Amazon offers freebies and promotional credits on a wide range of products. Learn how to get free things on Amazon so you don't miss out!

WiFi in Your Whole House: Everything You Need to Know About Mesh WiFi and More

Routers are essential to the modern home, but what if yours can't blanket the whole house with WiFi? It might be time to invest in a wireless range extender, or even a fancy mesh WiFi system! Check out our WiFi guides to learn more.

11 Things You Should Buy in April (and 5 Stores to Shop)

April showers might bring May flowers, but they also bring excellent sales! There's something for everyone, whether you're hunting for spring clothing or clearance Easter items. And don't forget about Tax Day and Earth Day freebies! Check out all the best buys of April.
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