You'll Never Believe How Much Twitter and Nike Paid for Their Logos

Here's the story behind the world's most famous logos, including the subliminal messages that brands are trying to convey.
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Many of us are aware of the power of a logo. They infiltrate our life, and the best ones speak volumes about the brand without saying anything at all. And according to scientific studies, our ability to comprehend the meaning of logos starts as early as age two.

Part of the reason why we have such accurate recall when it comes to logos is because they're carefully designed to speak to us on a subconscious and emotional level. The folks over at put together an extensive infographic about logos, including a section about how brands are targeting us through a savvy use of color.

Using FinancesOnline's assessments, we analyzed the DealNews logo, which is a mix of blue and purple, and we discovered that we're "associated with the depth and stability of sky and sea" while also hinting at "the luxury of royalty." So obviously the data below is pretty spot on.

The graphic also lists some interesting facts about what it cost for various companies to develop their logos, including this astonishing Jeopardy!-esque bit of trivia: Twitter only paid $6 for its now-iconic blue bird! Meanwhile, one of the most famous logos of all time, the Nike swoosh, cost the company just $35. The reason for the budget-friendly price tag? The founder tapped an art student who wanted the money to buy oil paints.

For more logo trivia, check out the infographic below. Readers, what do you think is the most influential logo today?

Review of Famous Business Logos

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds GIMP difficult to use, but I hope one day to sit down and really try and learn/master it.
Under the "Logos & Color" section...

First of all, LG's logo is red, not pink. It's even reproduced as such in this article. Why put a clearly red logo under pink and try to sell it as pink?

Second, Tiffany & Co.'s typeface may be in black in this instance, but nobody remotely familiar with the brand would ever associate the color black with Tiffany! In fact, the color they use, a sort of robin's egg blue, is so well-known, it is actually CALLED "Tiffany Blue" and is a trademark color of the company.
Google is worth 200B+