Which NFL Team Will Offer the Best Return on Your Investment in 2014?

Sure, you could root for the team that wins the most — but what about the team that wins while also being the most affordable, too?
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While there are a variety of reasons for supporting a specific football team in the NFL, most fans can at least agree that it's exciting to root for a team that wins. But being the budget-minded folks that we are, we won't settle for merely supporting the teams that win the most. Ideally, the perfect team would offer a happy medium between cost and winning potential.

Thus we turned to Team Marketing Report and looked at its data from 2013, which enumerates what it calls the "total fan cost" for each of the teams in the NFL. This cost analysis includes the price of tickets, food, beer, souvenirs, and parking for a family of four. We then multiplied that cost by the total games in a season, and divided it by the number of times that team won. For those of you who can refrain from buying all those extras while at the game, we also included a column for straight ticket costs for a single attendee.

As it turns out, the Carolina Panthers offered the cheapest wins in 2013, in terms of the total costs associated with attending a game. The reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks meanwhile offer the cheapest wins based on ticket prices alone, but the stadium pricing — or the cost for parking, beers, and the like — is about 9% higher.

It's important to note that there are caveats to this list; for example, if you actually saw your team play every game in a season, it wouldn't always be at the home stadium. That said, this infographic offers an interesting look at how much you could potentially shell out this year to see your team win.

NFL infographic
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