Which Dyson Vacuum Is Right for You? We Compare 5 Top Models

There are different models at a variety of price points, from $200 handhelds to a $600 cordless V8.

Dyson founder James Dyson is a clever and inventive guy. His vacuums, fans, and lighting products don't just resemble fixtures on the Starship Enterprise — they also work with amazing utility and dependability. In fact, Mr. Dyson is the inventor of something called cyclonic vacuum technology; it took him five years and more than 5,000 prototypes to nail it.

Which Dyson vacuum might be right for you? Of the 21 available, here we look at five different models and price points, taking into consideration their features, specialized uses, and overall coolness as objets d'art of cleaning. Read on to find the best Dyson vacuum for your home!

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Dyson V6 Trigger

Murder on Dirt: Dyson V6 Trigger

Price: $199.99

Dyson bills the V6 as "the most powerful handheld vacuum," though the suction power matches the more expensive V6 Top Dog. While that vacuum is geared more toward pet dander, the V6 Trigger is your basic, no-frills Dyson. A new fade-free battery delivers 50% more power than previous models, and you can shift into a formidable "max power" mode for six minutes.

Dyson V6 Top Dog

Suction Pup: Dyson V6 Top Dog

Price: $229.99

As Dysons go, the Top Dog is priced at entry level, and being targeted toward pet owners, it also functions to get rid of allergens, with extra tools for home cleaning. One possible drawback: As a rechargeable device, the Top Dog has a run time of just 20 minutes.

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Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor

Let's Get Small: Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor

Price: $399.99

If you rent an apartment or live in a dorm, some Dysons would simply be overkill. The Small Ball comes in at a more attractive price point, weighs just above 12 pounds, and has a cord length of about 10 yards. Attach a hose and you can reach up to 42 feet, which is 25% longer than previous models. That's just about long enough for your slothful undergrad to clean the room while loafing on his bed.

Dyson Ball Animal

Something Wild: Dyson Ball Animal

Price: $499.99

Dyson's upright vacuum cleaners resemble a bowling ball on a stick, but there's nothing silly about the Ball Animal's performance. Its suction power is fairly massive — it's among the strongest of the Dyson models — and the vacuum comes with four tools that can handle stairs, small spaces, difficult angles, and dirt wedged into the couch.

Dyson V8 Absolute

Your Cordless Hot Rod: Dyson V8 Absolute

Price: $599.99. V6 cordless vacuums run from $299.99 to $499.99.

It's one of the most expensive vacs Dyson offers, but ultimate convenience doesn't come cheap. As a cordless, the V8 conquers floor-to-ceiling tasks, such as zapping spiderwebs in ceiling corners and sucking up gunk you can't get at hoisting a canister machine into the air. But the V8 weighs less than 6 pounds. The lithium-ion battery lasts up to 40 minutes, the machine runs on a digital motor, and the extension stick clicks off to make the V8 a handheld.

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Dyson's prices are mucho dinero compared to a $5 garage sale special, or more competitive (and less rad-looking) models such as the WindTunnel 2 ($99.99) from Hoover. Nor is Dyson by any means perfect; it's voluntarily recalled some heaters due to potential safety issues. But let's face it: Cleaning a floor is as much fun as scrubbing a grease-crusted pot. If you're going to apply some elbow grease, there's nothing like a space-age appliance in your hands.

Readers, what do you think of Dyson vacuums? If you own one, does the performance make up for the price tag? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dysons tear up carpet. If u replace the carpet it will not be covered under warranty. Hoover is the best for picking up pet hair and does not tear up carpet. Ive had mine for 8 years and runs great, keep up with regular maintenance, and it cost less than $200.
I strongly recommend Shark vacuums over Dyson any day. I have had my Shark for three years now and thing has incredible suction, they are also very innovative with their attachments. At around $200 for a full Shark vacuum with a 5 year warranty it can't be beat. Accessories and filters are all inexpensive and they have great customer service as I had to fill a warranty claim once.
I get the jest but I did not find this article particularly useful. If I want to know what model to get, I'll use Consumer Reports. If I want to know how to get the best deal, I want Deal News to be my go-to place on the web.
Did Dealnews actually purchase these vacuums and test them or are they just reaching for content and pulled info from press releases and saw what could stick to the wall? Or is this an example of how to meet your blogging quota for the week?
I have the Dyson V6 Fluffy and definitely like it a lot. It makes cleaning my floors MUCH easier, consistently does a fantastic job, and the various attachments and two motorized heads (the fluffy one and the one for upholstery/mattresses) are terrific and very thoughtfully engineered. I would agree that the build quality (and overall fit and finish) feels slightly underwhelming for the price, but I've had my Fluffy for over a year now with no problems at all.
Bought the Dyson animal some years back. Was not worth the high price charged. Performed as good as ones much cheaper and as others have pointed out, it's mostly plastic. It clogged as much as any other vacuum we have owned and had parts fail as quickly as much cheaper brands. Its saving grace was that parts are plentiful for this brand and replacing them was pretty easy.
@Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
Hi, just my personal opinion. I have two that I purchased off ebay about two years ago the latest model seems to use more plastic than the previous two models, not necessarily a bad thing but not as durable as the mostly metal construction of my original which is probably over engineered. The latest model has held up to household (almost) daily use of around 30 minutes since I purchased it.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@Cheapster999 That's all good to know. So the consensus is that the newer models aren't built as well?
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@Cheapster999 Nope, Dyson didn't pay us to write this feature. We were hoping to just put the different models into context.
Lou you're not getting paid to write this are you?
Best vacuum I've ever come across is a Filter Queen Majestic which can be had on ebay for less than a hundred dollars the last time I bought one. Yes I use to sell them, door to door no less.
I Never ran across a vacuum that could match the cleaning/filtration abilities of a Filter Queen including Kirby's, Electrolux , etc.
I have a 23 year old model that I use in my shop as a central vac for my tools after the hose finally gave out, found that I could buy a whole vacuum off of ebay for the price of a new hose.
The newer ones don't seem to be as high a quality as my original but they still seem to perform as well as my original.
Dysons deliver on the suction / mechanics front; but people always feel shortchanged on build quality and price. Lots of cheap plastic parts and seals that don't always hold up long term, and boy; some gutsy prices.
This is an ad, right? I would NEVER buy a Dyson, way too expensive for the chore it performs, not worth the extra dollars.
Boy, these are all very expensive, and I remember reading in Consumer Reports that the performance of Dyson vacuums doesn't justify their sky-high prices.