Walmart In-Store Pickup Could Actually Save You Money

Heading to your local store could mean extra discounts on your online purchases.
Walmart Pickup

For many online shoppers, heading to a local store is a hassle.

But Walmart is trying to change that. Recently, the megaretailer introduced a program that promises extra savings when you opt for in-store pickup over shipping. Here's everything you need to know about this new discount.

Order Online, Head to a Store

Shoppers will have the option to purchase items online and then pick them up in-store for extra savings. The benefit to Walmart is obvious: CEO Marc Lore says it's far cheaper to deliver products directly from fulfillment centers to local stores, as opposed to individual homes. Because of that, Lore believes Walmart should pass a piece of those savings on to customers.

When you're shopping on Walmart's website, look for items that are marked 'Pickup Discount.'

When you're shopping on Walmart's website, look for items that are marked "Pickup Discount." During the purchase process, choose to have the item(s) shipped to your local Walmart for pickup. You'll then automatically receive a discount based on each eligible individual item.

There's a Catch

Of course, it's not as simple as scoring extra savings just by shopping online. To qualify for the discount, items must be available for purchase online-only, not in-store. Initially about 10,000 items will qualify for the new discount. However, it's supposed to be rolled out to more than one million of the most popular items on the site by the end of June.

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If you just can't bring yourself to head to the local Walmart to pick up your order, you can forgo the additional discount and have it delivered. You can still bag free 2-day shipping on orders of $35 or more.

Readers, will you be saving some extra cash by taking advantage of this new program? Or do you prefer to just have everything delivered? Sound off in the comments below!

Julie Ramhold
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I've used this service three times and all three times it was for items that were "in stock at my local store" and it was the same nightmare...Taking between 5 and 6 hours to get the "ready for pickup" email, then standing in line for 15-20 minutes..Finally when I reach the front of the line, twice they couldn't find the item. After rummaging through bins and looking "in the back" for 10 minutes, they managed to locate my items. The third time they found it right away..It is much quicker to just go to the store, find the item and checkout..The headache and standing around waiting isn't worth the little bit of savings buying online offers.
My experiences with ship to store have been very negative. Grouchy and slowwww service.

1) Walmart isn't going to get any drive by sales from getting me to the pickup counter. I b-line out of the store after picking up.

2) Better check your savings for ship to store since you have to factor in the cost to drive to the store unless (strangely) you are going there anyway. Depending on vehicle if you're honest about amortizing all costs that would be $0.25 -$0.50 per mile there and back.

3) Of course if you're don't need $35 of stuff then ship home might be encouraging you to spend more than you should. Then ship to store might make sense... If you like pain.
Walmart is so bad in Shipping/delivery time. No big difference between ship to store and ship to home in terms of days. Both options will take more than 1 week.
Had another ridiculous delay picking up an item this evening. Close to half-hour wait to find someone who could operate the register in pick-up. This wasn't my first bad experience, but it will be my last.
I have had a similar negative experience on my two "Deal News-inspired" purchases. Whereas, you can breeze out of the store at the self-checkout kiosks, you are detained a surprisingly long time way, way back in the customer-unfriendly pick-up area. I hope that if this ever catches on, Wal-Mart will figure out a way to expedite the now-tedious process. (Warning: #1. Don't forget your photo ID! You may be able to vote for president without one, but you can never pickup your Wal-Mart product! #2. If you are buying a gift, don't have the recipient along with you because the clerk will open the box and inspect the item in your presence. )
Looks like most folks are having bad experiences, WALMART are you getting this?
While I waited for my items to be brought out, two other customers -- one returning an item, and one purchasing a soda and trying to avoid the long lines at the cashiers -- came in and demanded service. The employees told them if they wanted help they have ten other registers "over there" (pointing in no specific direction). This experience was *vastly* different (in a bad way) from my experience with Walmart's discontinued "Ship to Store/FedEx Office" option which I absolutely loved. FedEx was even closer to home, there was almost never a line to get the package, and the people were happy to help. I wish they'd bring that back; I actually shopped at Walmart more because of it.
I tried this last week, and went to pick up my items last night. I had it shipped to the recommended Walmart (which is closer to my apartment) than the store I usually go to, with more responsive staff. I was the only customer in the entire customer service area, the desks were staffed with four people for five terminals. I had to wait 10 minutes just to be acknowledged. And then it was by a completely different staffer who flew by me on his way to the stock room. He came back right away and asked if I needed help.
My experience has been the same as others. Yes you'll save a little bit. But the torture in pressing that screen, waited for eternity while employees walked by and stared at you until someone show mercy on you is ridiculous.
The one near me in South Philly has text on the credit card machine that says "press the screen for assistance" and you're lucky if anyone shows up after pressing it. I usually beg some random employee to call it in and then wait another 10 minutes for rude service.
I don't mind pickup -- in some ways it's actually easier for me than worrying about delivery -- but I can't believe how long it takes Walmart to get the item ready. From my experience ordering various items at multiple Walmarts, it seems to take them 24 hours to walk out on the floor or into the backroom, pull the item I ordered and tag it, which seems absurd. (Best Buy usually has online orders ready within an hour.)
@prdg79: Either policies have changed or vary by region, as the one time I did a pickup, there was no one at the counter when I got to the back of the store.
But then I have to goto Walmart? I've done the pickup about 5 times and was not impressed, very slow and pickup is in way back of store, usually takes 30 min+ to pick up.. Not worth it to me when I can do Amazon and it's at my door when i get home.
Those are old days which I can see now in my local walmart store they have timer where you can start when u r in front of the line , they are giving commitment of 5 mins , something like sears does
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)

I don't think you're the only one to have issues with pickup, although I'll be curious to see if they've been working out the kinks for this new feature.
It might save you money if you dont mind the wait. I've used 3 different Walmart to pickup online orders for a couple dozen orders. Yes, even used the checkin terminal and app. I say more than three quarters of the time, I end up waiting more than 15min and couple of time 30min. After talking to an associate, she told me that some of the items are kept in storage trailers outside and they cant leave counter unless someone else is there. The pickup counter is usually understaffed with at most 2 people and many times just with one- this is the why it takes so long. Done pickups at Sears, Kmart, Target, Lowes, and Homedepot; I get the items in under 10min with all of them. Maybe I just have had bad luck with Wal-Mart.