Verizon Plans are About to Get More Expensive, but at Least You'll Get More Data

Existing customers won't have to switch, but will these changes be enough to tempt new subscribers?

Verizon's plan prices are about to experience a significant upswing, but it's also increasing the amount of data for each plan. Existing customers won't be forced into these new plans, but will these adjustments be enough to persuade new customers to switch to Verizon?

Prices to Increase by at Least $5 Per Month

Every plan will jump in price by at least $5 per month, and some will go up $10. The lower-end "S" plan is increasing from $30 to $35 a month, and the "M" plan is increasing from $45 to $50. The "L," "XL," and "XXL" plans are increasing by $10 each, to $70, $90, and $110 respectively.

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More Data, Now With Rollover

At least these bigger prices bring big data increases. The "S" and "M" plans will each get an additional 1GB of data, bringing their totals to 2GB and 4GB respectively. The "L" plan will pick up an extra 2GB, the "XL" will pick up an extra 4GB, and the "XXL" plan will have an additional 6GB of data. The chart below shows all the changes:

Plan Previous Price New Price Previous Data Limit New Data Limit
S $30 $35 1 GB 2 GB
M $45 $50 3 GB 4 GB
L $60 $70 6 GB 8 GB
XL $80 $90 12 GB 16 GB
XXL $100 $110 18 GB 24 GB

Verizon is also introducing "Carryover Data," to help customers avoid charges for going over their allotted data every month. T-Mobile and Sprint have long been offering perks like this, and AT&T pretty much coined the term "rollover" for mobile plans. So it's interesting that Verizon is finally getting on board.

Readers, will you switch to one of these new plans at Verizon, or are you currently happy with a different carrier? Existing Verizon customers, will you keep your old plan with less data and a lower bill? Let us know in the comments below!

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If they're going to start doing rollover plans, I may decrease my data plan to save some money, as we don't typically use anywhere near all the data each month.
Well, my bill will only be raised $5, but to me, $5 is $5. Greed. Having a problem with my hubby's old account and not getting any satisfaction, so he switched to Ting. He pays $12 a month, as he has a basic phone and never talks. I am seriously thinking about it, as I know of plenty of people that are on it in Oregon. We are in NY, but sure would be nice to save a lot of money. Check Ting out, it's covered by Sprint & T-mobile.
I second the comment on Google Fi - I haven't had much of an issue with service, and my bill has been less $25 per month, with 2GB of purchased - instead of rollover, I get a discount on next month's bill. It is super aggressive finding free wifi.
I'm a Verizon customer. I guess I'll downgrade my plan to the 4gb, that should be enough for me, plus a $10 savings lowering it from my 6gb plan. The rollover is a FINALLY welcome perk. At $113 a month (includes my phone purchase payoff of $34.99), $10 extra a month is NOT a welcome upgrade. Other than some GPS, occasional web browsing, and email, I'm usually in a WiFi, so data doesn't usually pose a problem. I know VZ is the most expensive, but I have had 99.9% perfect service for the last 15 years. It seems that switching doesn't really get you anything except a different nameplate on your phone, unless you have a metro, cricket type account. I have seen many people with those services complain to me about outages and poor reception areas, I pretty much ALMOST never have low reception.
I have a cricket 5 lines for $100, no other hidden fees. Just $20 for unlimited talk, text, and 2.5GB capped 4G LTE data and 2G unlimited.

Don't mind paying more? Get on Google Fi because they have three big carriers on their network, should be better than Verizon.
VZ continues to claim that they're the leader, not the follower, which I agree in terms of reception (where I live), but wholeheartedly disagree in terms of their marketing (they're simply following T-mobile). From execution perspective, these guys are nothing but greedy hog. I won't throw the VZ towel yet (with 5 phones under my account, switch isn't easy), but I must admit that it's getting close. Not because $5 or $10 will make me broke, but I'm sick of this greed and arrogance (e.g. "VZ doesn't need wifi, because we have the great coverage blah blah" And I had to go out and purchase $300 3G reception extender to cover where I work..). *sigh*