Verizon Brings Back Unlimited Data, but It'll Cost You

The carrier hasn't offered this feature to new customers since 2011, but now they're joining the other big players and bringing it back.

Unlimited data started making a comeback in August of last year, with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint kicking things off. Verizon was the holdout, but now it's bringing back the feature to its users. However, some of these unlimited plans come with significant catches.

Read the Fine Print

If you read the fine print on Verizon's unlimited plan, it's clear that it's not as easy as just signing up. First, corporate and group discounts do not apply. Second, customers must sign up for paperless billing — which might not be such a big deal, as this is a popular option from multiple companies. Third, customers must sign up for AutoPay with a checking account or debit card.

If you read the fine print on Verizon's unlimited plan, it's clear that it's not as easy as just signing up: customers must sign up for paperless billing and AutoPay.

For what it's worth, AT&T requires its unlimited customers to have DirecTV or U-Verse, at least for single lines. That means the $100 price tag listed below is actually more like $150. And that doesn't include taxes and fees.

Unlimited Data Can Be Pricey

Before you rush out to sign up for all the data you could possibly want, there are a few things to know. First, T-Mobile is charging $70 for one line, and $160 for four lines. Those prices include all the taxes and fees.

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However, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon's pricing all exclude the taxes and fees, so expect those in addition to the advertised pricing you see (including the ones listed here). AT&T is currently offering one line for $100 and four lines for $180. Sprint is running a special, with $50 for one line and five lines for $90, but those prices will increase again, although not until the end of March 2018. Verizon is offering its plan on one line for $80, and on four lines for $180. (Again, these prices do not include taxes and fees.)

Heavy Data Users Can Expect Throttling

Yes, you have to hit a limit before throttling happens, and yes, it's a reasonable one. For AT&T and Verizon, the limit is 22GB. Sprint allows you to hit 23GB, and T-Mobile gives you the highest — 28GB — before you'll see any difference in your data speeds.

Readers, do you have unlimited data with your carrier? Is it worth the cost? Let us know in the comments below!

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If you are OK with using T-mobile, think about Metro PCS.
They have unlimited 4G LTE prepaid plan with $60 with 8GB wifi tethering.
If you don't need wifi tethering, you can use unlimited 4G LTE for $50.
Allowed for using 4G LTE is 28GB per month, than it's gonna be slowed as 3G HSPA.
Not bad I think except there's no $200 discount if you made 2 years contract. It's prepaid plan.
I'm paying about $101 monthly, for a 4gb plan with Verizon, that includes the monthly payout for my 6edge+ (taxes and all those annoying extras included). I haven't crunched the numbers yet, but it seems that it might be only a few dollars up from what I'm paying to never care about emptying the data fuel tank ever again. I never went over 6gb, my old plan, i just downgraded to 4gb. Most of the time I try to use known WiFi (work, friend's homes, my home), which helps limit data use.
Verizon offers a credit of $649 each phone i switch + you get a new iphone 7 plus 128gb.I pay $169 at T-Mobile 2 phones and i have 6 plus. Trade in Value to $160.. i think its better to have Verizon.