VIDEO: Would You Rent a Recalled Car, Before It Has Been Fixed?


Under a bill recently introduced to congress, car rental companies would be able to rent cars that are being recalled, but are not yet fixed! Yes, broken, dangerous cars could potentially be handed out to drivers, as long as the rental company discloses their recalled status to the customer first.

In this quick video, our "experts" ask the seemingly-crazy question: Would you drive a car that's been recalled and unfixed?

What about you, readers? Would you rent a car that's currently being recalled? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Im ok with it as long as there is disclosure.
I have worked for a Car Dealership in the past and have seen the types of warranty recalls that occur. I already had a rough idea of numbers but verified with simple Google search to reputable organization. I would advocate that everyone should check if your car has a recall against it. Not everyone gets a letter in the mail from the manufacturer.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@MajJack You seem to know a lot of stats about recalls! Your line of work perhaps?
There is about a 20% chance you are already driving a car with a recall. Roughly 37 to 40 million cars are being driven with an unfixed safety recall. Many people are unaware and many people just choose not to get it fixed for free. Many of these recalls are for innocuous reason that the automobile industry do to CYA so they don't get sued because the cigarette lighter didn't work right. Some are legitimate recalls that have or can cause death.
Note: Chances of you dying in a car accident are 1 in 100
In Toyota's unintended acceleration issue 89 people died. Toyota recalled 8 million cars for this. It comes out to almost be 1 in 100000 chance.
Currently Rental Car companies must fix every recall regardless of how insignificant before they are allowed to rent a car (this can be hundreds of thousands of cars in some cases). More then likely, this bill will be passed. Since they are required to be transparent with the recalls you would know if it is minor or something really major.